Zendaya Revealed Her Big Purchase And Other Details In Recent Interview!

Zendaya revealed some interesting things about herself as she gave Elle interview! The actress also talks about her first purchase that was made and what she would be doing if not acting.

Published: August 30th, 2023 3:37 am | Updated: August 30, 2023 3:37 am

Zendaya reveal her big purchase and what she was doing if not acting. There are a lot of celebrities who opens up about certain thing in their life whether it is professional or personal.

Sometimes it is the fun play while other times it is the serious question that they come and answer. Going with such we have seen a lot of celebrities coming with such while having the promotion of their upcoming movies or series or any album or song.

The same recently happened with a lot of celebrities as they open up about certain things and their life.

Zendaya is one such celebrity who recently answered a few of the questions. It was one of the best interviews where the actress answered a few questions for Elle.

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What Is the Biggest Purchase of Zendaya? Know Here.


While giving the answers, she revealed what kind of role she is expecting or going to do in the coming years or months. The actress also talks about her first purchase that was made and what she would be doing if not acting.

This all happened as one of the promotions of an upcoming movie where the actress revealed a few of the things.

When it comes to the question of what she would have been doing if not acting then not knowing it well.

The actress said that if it is related to the industry job then must be a director and hopes for the same in the future. But when it comes to the outside of this entertainment industry, she would be going with the profession of her parents maybe like that of a teacher as she loves teaching.

We have seen Zendaya going with positive roles but never as a villain. In that matter, the actress revealed how she would love to play the role of villain or some kind of that in the future for some role as she would like to play the bad guy.

Coming to her big purchase, Zendaya said how she went with a very tiny purse from Louis Vuitton.