Liam Payne Is Hospitalized Due to Serious Kidney Infection!!!

Liam Payne had to cancel his tour as the singer is hospitalized due to kidney infection!

Published: August 29th, 2023 1:08 am | Updated: August 28, 2023 1:08 am

One Direction former singer Liam Payne is hospitalized with a serious kidney infection. Health is something that should be given priority.

It is related to physical health or mental health. Work is the priority but one should definitely go with the health and that’s what our celebrities doing. We have seen a lot of celebrities with their physical as well as mental health in a very appropriate manner while consulting with doctors from time to time.

Due to the same, the postponement of some projects of these celebrities also came in the way and also got support from family, friends, as well as fans.

The same recently happened with Liam Payne as he was hospitalized with a serious kidney infection. The singer is in Hospital and due to the same reason the postponement of his South American tour came in the way.

It was on 25 August 2023 when the singer came to a very short video where he was looking very disappointed and announced his current situation.

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Liam Payne’s Hospitalization Due To Serious Kidney Infection Led To Tour Cancellation!

Liam Payne

Liam Payne had a very sad expression on his face while he was explaining the same. He said that he has not been well in recent times but at the same time, he started his rehearsal.

If we go according to the tour then it was about to start on 1 September 2023 however the time will be now changed. Coming to the postponement of this program then it was not an easy decision for him and his team. The singer said that he had no choice but to postpone his upcoming tour.

Liam Payne also came in front and said that he had been hospitalized for the past few weeks because of a serious kidney infection.

Doctors ordered him to have a proper rest as a recovery needs a rest. The singer also added and said sorry to his fans and all those people who bought tickets.

“I was beyond excited to come play for you guys. To all of you who have bought tickets: I’m so sorry.

We’re working to re-schedule the tour as soon as we possibly can, but for now, we will be refunding the tickets — so please look out for updates from your point of purchase. Thanks as always for the love and support, and look forward to seeing you soon.”

Liam Payne.

As soon as this video came, fans didn’t want anything but the good health of the singer. And that’s the reason why they suggested him to have rest and not worry too much about anything.