The Morning Show Season 3 Official Trailer Released On Apple TV+.

This trailer also shows that The Morning Show will continue to tackle a fresh current theme each season.

Published: August 26th, 2023 6:21 am | Updated: August 26, 2023 6:21 am

The Morning Show Season 3 trailer is now available on Apple TV, revealing the plot around a hack and the introduction of Jon Hamm’s new character.

The newest trailer for Season 3 of The Morning Show provides a preview of unexpected and significant alterations to the fictional network.

Tensions are high as everyone’s favorite characters face the final test. Here’s an update on what’s in store for Season 3. 

Season 3 trailer of “The Morning Show” hints at scheming and bankruptcy.

The Morning Show Season 3 | Official Trailer

The trailer provides the first peek at what’s to come in the upcoming season, featuring an internet attack that momentarily shuts down the UBA network.

However, the long-term consequences of the breach are more severe, as secrets are revealed, and the network is on the verge of bankruptcy, needing the help of the affluent Paul Marks (Jon Hamm).

 Aside from the hacking plot and Paul Marks entering the Morning Show cast, one of the most crucial throughlines will involve Jennifer Aniston‘s Alex Levy striving for a more prominent role in the show’s production.

This will undoubtedly be hindered by revelations following the cyberattack, which appear to have rekindled her hatred for Witherspoon’s Bradley Jackson.

In general, Paul Marks appears to be a pot-stirrer. His entrance will shake up the morning show’s already fragile foundation.

While his goals are unknown, he plays people off one other, luring Greta Lee’s Stella with greater power while beginning a romantic connection with Alex.

While it has not yet been confirmed who did the cyberattack, it appears highly probable that he was involved.

This trailer also shows that The Morning Show will continue to tackle a fresh current theme each season.

Season 3 will concentrate on cybersecurity and leaks, which are increasingly crucial in defining the present world. It is yet to be known how the season unfolds, but there appears to be enough material for the program to work with in the future.

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When Will The Morning Show Season 3 Release?

The Morning Show Season 3
Carter Matt

The Morning Show Season 3’s two-episode première will be made available for streaming on September 13, 2023, a little over two years after the conclusion of Season 2.

Following that, we’ll get one tantalizing episode every week until the significant conclusion on November 8. 

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The Cast and Characters of Season 3.

The Morning Show Season 3

The forthcoming season will reconnect audiences with a familiar group of brilliant actors. Along with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reprising their roles as Alex Levy & Bradley Jackson, the following prominent cast members are expected to return:

Cory Ellison is played by Billy Crudup, Charlie Black (aka Chip) is played by Mark Duplass, and Nestor Carbonell plays Yanko Flores.

Karen Pittman plays Mia Jordan.

Desean Terry plays Daniel Henderson.

Julianna Margulies plays Laura Peterson.

Greta Lee plays Stella Bak.

Ruairi O’Connor plays Ty Fitzgerald.

While most of the main cast is set to return, there will be new morning crew members. The upcoming season of the series on Apple TV+ will feature Jon Hamm, as confirmed by the platform.

Other new cast members on The Morning Show this season include series regular Nicole Beharie (Miss Juneteenth) as Christina Hunter, the latest anchor, and regular appearances from Tig Notaro (Army of the Dead) as Paul Mark’s head of staff Amanda Robinson, Natalie Morales (Dead to Me) as Kate Danton, Stephen Fry (Wilde) as UBA board member Leonard Cromwell, Clive Standen (Vikings) to be Andre Ford, Alano.