Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained!

Laurits directed his pet snake, Little O, to leave Edda and dwell deep in the ocean. He didn't want anyone to get hurt.

Published: August 25th, 2023 7:30 am | Updated: August 25, 2023 7:30 am

The final episode of Ragnarok Season 3 raises many questions that must be answered!

Netflix’s Norwegian fantasy series has ended, but it’s essential to understand the finale fully. Regardless of being a fantasy series, the show provides a believable plot flawlessly interwoven with Norse mythology.

How the series handled Nordic mythology was intriguing, not excessive or too little. The story’s and screenplay’s continuity assists a lot in developing its fantastical mood in a way that appears plausible. As a result, the show became more credible and appealing.

Ragnarok Season 3: Did the War Happen?

Ragnarok Season 3

For some who are confused, these flashes suggest that Magne has misinterpreted and imagined everything that has occurred throughout the three seasons.

Magne’s mother acknowledges that as a boy, he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and used to seek refuge in Thor comic books. He also tends to have visions and twist reality to his liking.

With that, it’s reasonable to suppose Magne saw himself as Thor, with the others as other Norse Gods, and used this to cope with Isolde’s death, who is the reason for all of this. In actuality, we observe Magne fooling around with the hammer, which is a toy.

This reframes several aspects of the show and casts Magne’s mood swings in a different light than we previously assumed.

Magne’s throwing away those comic books in front of Eric and Turid suggests that he is ready to move on from his trauma, and Isolde’s disappearance further reinforces this idea.

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What happened to Little O?

Ragnarok Season 3

Laurits directed his pet snake, Little O, to leave Edda and dwell deep in the ocean. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

This was when he discovered that Fjor had been consuming humans for it to develop and become capable of murdering Magne/Thor. Laurits never wished for this and did everything he could to keep the people of Edda safe, as well as his kid, for whom he was “mommy.”

A short shot towards the opening of Episode 6 of Season 3 seems to indicate that Little O is still in the fjord. Perhaps it didn’t want to leave its mother, or it had developed a taste for people.

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How did the Jutuls fare?

Ragnarok Season 3
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Saxa became the new CEO of Jutuls Industries, while Fjor fell in love with a woman who worked for him when he was the boss. The section of the factory causing pollution in Edda was permanently shut down.

The Season Finale concludes with the gods and giants enjoying a get-together, and everyone is pleased with the ending, mainly because no one had to die.

However, it would have been good if the gods and the giants had a talk regarding the future of their alliance or bargain, whatever you want to call it. The only sorrow is that neither Vidar nor Isolde were around to see it.