My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Ending Explained!!!

In My Happy Marriage Episode 8, titled ‘Nightmares and Ominous Shadows,’ Miyo continues her lessons in proper female conduct guided by Kudo’s older sister, Hazuki.

Published: August 25th, 2023 5:59 am | Updated: August 25, 2023 5:59 am

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Ending Explained: Netflix’s anime series, ‘My Happy Marriage,’ brings to life a romantic tale from the light novel series of the same name by Akumi Agitogi, with charming illustrations by Tsukiho Tsukioka.

The show is set in an alternate version of Japan’s Meiji Era and follows the evolving relationship between Kiyoka Kudo, leader of the Kudo clan, and Miyo Saimori, a young woman belonging to the Saimori clan.

Despite Miyo’s birth into a prominent family, her early life was marked by neglect and suffering. However, her destiny takes a turn when she becomes engaged to Kiyoka Kudo. As she gets to know him better, Miyo discovers that Kudo is far from the cruel figure rumored; instead, he is gentle, caring, and protective.

In My Happy Marriage Episode 8, titled ‘Nightmares and Ominous Shadows,’ Miyo continues her lessons in proper female conduct guided by Kudo’s older sister, Hazuki.

Meanwhile, Kudo delves into the mystery of the Grotesqueries’ sudden appearance, and a character named Arata begins to set his plans into motion.

This article provides insights into the events of the eighth episode of ‘My Happy Marriage,’ shedding light on what unfolds as the plot thickens. So, keep reading this article till the end to know in detail everything about the ending of My Happy Marriage Episode 8 in detail.

Recap Of My Happy Marriage Episode 8

My Happy Marriage Episode 8

The episode begins by explaining something important from the previous episode. They talk about a place called the Grave.

This place is in a forbidden land and is where the people with special powers are buried after they die.

The spooky part is that the angry spirits of these special people turn into something called Grotesqueries there.

These Grotesqueries are kept locked up in the Grave so they can’t run away and cause big trouble in the capital city. In this world, special powers come from spirits, and if these Grotesqueries get out, they can cause a lot of damage.

The main characters, Okaito and Kudo, are on their way to meet a very important person, the Crown Prince. They wonder about who might have opened the Grave.

The Crown Prince, Takaihito, seems to know something about this, which makes Kudo think that it’s not just luck. They also talk about how powers work in this world.

The Crown Prince’s powers are not very steady right now, but they might become stronger when he becomes the Emperor. That’s why Kudo’s role as the leader of his family is so important.

On their way, they meet someone named Kazushi Tatsuishi. He’s from an important family too, but his dad was removed from power.

Even though Kudo doesn’t really like Kazushi’s casual clothes, they all go together to meet the Crown Prince. Kazushi promises to support both the Crown Prince and Kudo’s family.

Meanwhile, Miyo is learning how to act properly in Western and Japanese styles with Hazuki. Hazuki is really kind to her, and it’s clear Miyo didn’t get much love since her mom died. But when Hazuki suggests that Miyo call her “sister,” Miyo gets upset because it reminds her of something bad.

Miyo keeps having bad dreams, and Kudo is worried about her. They go to the Grave and fight some Grotesqueries. Miyo’s health gets worse because she’s pushing herself too hard during training.

While she’s out with Hazuki and Yurie, she faints, probably because she’s so tired. She dreams of Kudo saving her from a guy named Arata Tsuruki.

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My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Ending Explained

My Happy Marriage Episode 8
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In the end, Miyo’s connection to the Usuba family through her mother, Sumi, brings her significant importance as a potential bride in the eyes of other families possessing supernatural abilities.

The Usuba family members possess the unique power to read minds and potentially even control them, although the anime hasn’t fully clarified this aspect yet.

The family’s special ability seemed to make the Emperor uneasy, leading them to hide away. In this episode, a character named Arata Tsuruki appears at Kudo’s office representing the Ministry of the Imperial Household.

While discussing the Grave and the Grotesqueries, he subtly brings up Kudo’s personal life, particularly his engagement to Miyo.

Interestingly, this doesn’t particularly raise Kudo’s suspicions, despite his typically cautious nature. Later, Arata unexpectedly appears on the street just in time to catch Miyo after she faints. In the light novels, it’s revealed that Arata is part of the Usuba family and is actually Miyo’s cousin.

The family has used the Tsuruki surname for a long time, likely as a disguise to protect their true identity from the Emperor and other families with supernatural powers.

While Arata’s motives aren’t entirely clear yet, there’s a possibility that he genuinely cares for his cousin and wishes to assist her and her fiancé as they navigate the risky political landscape of the capital.