Wrestlers A New Docuseries Announced At Netflix!

Wrestlers, a Netflix documentary, will delve behind the scenes, "revealing the hardship and sacrifices that go into producing this highly complex feat of artistic performance and athleticism."

Published: August 23rd, 2023 7:39 am | Updated: August 23, 2023 7:39 am

For its upcoming documentary series Wrestlers, Netflix has released the latest trailer that takes viewers behind the scenes at Ohio Valley Wrestling with Al Snow.

Wrestling is a professional sport that requires strength, creativity, and a specific sort of person to take on and put on a performance. Netflix is giving us a new docuseries to tell us everything we need to know. 

With Wrestlers, a brand-new docuseries available on the streaming service in September, Netflix will fully lift the curtain on the world of indie pro wrestling.

Wrestlers | Official Trailer

Wrestlers delve into the operations of Ohio Valley Wrestling. In this local wrestling league, a number of the industry’s most popular stars, including Brock Lesnar, Dave BautistaJohn Cena,  Randy Orton, and The Miz, honed their craft before breaking out in WWE.

Al Snow, a WWE ideal now devoted to teaching the superstars of tomorrow while maintaining OVW in business, is there to assist in opening the way.

It has many memories of “acclaimed wrestler” Al Snow. But, when the gym’s finances declined, he was forced to sell majority ownership to a group of local businessmen, including Matt Jones, Kentucky’s “most popular” radio personality.

The current owners granted Al until the summer to attempt to bring the popular establishment back on track.

The docuseries follows Al’s efforts to rescue the “historic gym,” and provides an inside look at the world of high-level wrestling and all of the hard work and hardships that the tough male and female competitors face to pursue their passion.

Snow is a wrestling icon who built his in-ring persona in the mid-1990s. Between ECW and WWF/E, he earned popularity as a wild and bold figure who would converse with a mannequin head known as “Head.” He was a traveling agent after his wrestling career ended until he opened the OVF in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2018.

Despite the fantastic talent that has passed through the OVF’s doors, the organization has struggled to remain viable.

Wrestlers, a Netflix documentary, will delve behind the scenes, “revealing the hardship and sacrifices that go into producing this highly complex feat of artistic performance and athleticism.”

The Cast and Crew of Wrestlers


Besides the one and only Al Snow, it needs to be clarified who is going to appear in the docuseries to provide interviews.

However, based on the trailer we are likely to hear from Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg, along with wrestlers Mike Walden, a.k.a. Ca$h Flo, HollyHood Haley J, and The ‘Good’ Reverend Ronnie Roberts.

Greg Whiteley, who worked behind the camera on Netflix documentaries Cheer & Last Chance U, directed the streaming production. 

Wrestling fans and those interested in the sport can watch Wrestlers on Netflix from September 13, 2023.

Like other documentary shows, wrestlers will have a limited run of only eight episodes. However, viewers will watch indie wrestlers suffer through grit and filth to become the next WWE star in those episodes. After all, the OVF has sent a few celebs packing.

Conversely, wrestlers will go further since some wrestlers carry their in-ring personas home with them. Some even create chaos outside the ring.

Wrestlers will give spectators everything, from bronzed spray-tanned buttocks to smashed tables and chairs. Wrestling is some people’s whole existence, and the WWE is the light at the other end of the tunnel.