When Is Burning Body Netflix Series Coming?

Burning Body is slated to make its debut on Netflix in September 2023, and fans are in for a riveting treat.

Published: August 23rd, 2023 6:07 am | Updated: August 23, 2023 6:07 am

When Is The Netflix Series Burning Body Coming? Well, Úrsula Corberó, renowned for her captivating role in Netflix’s global sensation, Money Heist, is set to grace the screen once again in the streaming giant’s eagerly awaited Spanish crime-drama, Burning Body.

Burning Body is slated to make its debut on Netflix in September 2023, and fans are in for a riveting treat.

The series, an original creation by Netflix, promises an enthralling narrative woven with suspense and intrigue.

Directed and produced by the talented Jorge Torregrossa, the miniseries boasts a script written by the collaborative efforts of Carlos López, Laura Sarmiento Pallarés, and Eduard Sola.

Behind the scenes, Arcadia Motion Pictures takes the helm of production, with Ibon Cormenzana and Andrea Martínez Muñoz joining executive producer Jorge Torregrossa.

As the anticipation builds, enthusiasts are encouraged to delve into this article for a comprehensive exploration of Burning Body.

From intricate plotlines to the ensemble cast, and from the gripping trailer to the imminent Netflix release, every facet of this Spanish crime drama is unveiled, heightening the excitement for its unveiling in September 2023.

This forthcoming Spanish Netflix Original crime drama miniseries is poised to captivate audiences, offering a thrilling addition to the platform’s diverse array of content.

Burning Body Netflix Series Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Netflix has unveiled an exciting revelation through a captivating date announcement on its YouTube platform. The much-anticipated release date for the upcoming Spanish crime-drama series, Burning Body, has been officially confirmed as Friday, September 8, 2023.

This revelation marks a significant moment for enthusiasts who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this enthralling series.

As the countdown to September 8th begins, the anticipation among viewers intensifies, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited debut. You can watch the date announcement video of Burning Body right above:

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Who Are The Major Cast Members In The Netflix Series Burning Body?

Burning Body
TV Insider

You might know Úrsula Corberó from Money Heist, where she played Tokyo. Now, she’s taking the lead as Rosa in Burning Body, a show that lots of Netflix viewers are excited about.

Even though she was in another Netflix series called Paquita Salas, she’s also going to be in a new show called Lift with Kevin Hart.

Quim Gutiérrez is playing the role of Albert. He’s a Spanish actor who has been part of many Netflix projects, like the Spanish version of Klaus, funny movies like Mother’s Love and I Love You, Stupid, and a superhero comedy show called The Neighbor. Eva Llorach is acting as Ester. If you watch Elite on Netflix, you might recognize her as Sandra.

This is her second Netflix project. José Manuel Poga, who was in Money Heist too as Gandia, will be Pedro in Burning Body. He’s been busy, also in another Netflix show called Infiesto, and a historical thriller called The Endless Trench.

It’s pretty cool to see these familiar faces in different shows. Apart from the above-mentioned cast, the other members who will be seen in this upcoming Netflix series Burning Body include:

Isak Férriz will be seen playing the role of Javi

Raúl Prieto will be seen playing the role of Manu

Guiomar Caiado will be seen playing the role of Sofia

Sergi Cervera will be seen playing the role of Néstor

Bruno Sevilla will be seen playing the role of Álvaro

Aina Clotet will be seen playing the role of Silvia

Aleida Torrent will be seen playing the role of Vanesa

Nuris Blu will be seen playing the role of Amiga de Almu

Pep Ambròs will be seen playing the role of Eduard

Anaïs Valley will be seen playing the role of Patricia

Alfons Nieto will be seen playing the role of Juanjo

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What Is The Plotline Of The Netflix Series Burning Body?

The story of Burning Body, as explained on IMDb, transports us to May 2017 in Barcelona. A man named Pedro, who is a police officer, is discovered in a car inside the Foix reservoir, burnt beyond recognition.

This puzzling incident grabs the attention of the public, and curiosity grows even more as the investigation unfolds.

It uncovers a web of complicated relationships, lies, fights, and shocking secrets. Pedro, along with his colleague Rosa and her former boyfriend Albert, becomes entangled in a series of troubling events.

The story delves into the lives of these characters, revealing their hidden connections, the dark truths they hide, and the scandals that threaten to destroy them.

As the pieces of this intricate puzzle come together, viewers are taken on a suspenseful journey through the complexities of their lives, keeping them on the edge of their seats.