When Calls My Heart Season 10 Episode 4 Ending Explained!!!

In this episode titled‘Great Expectations,’ Rosemary and Lee are very excited and a little worried because their baby is going to be born soon.

Published: August 23rd, 2023 5:34 am | Updated: August 23, 2023 5:34 am

When Calls The Heart Season 10 Episode 4 Ending Explained: Titled ‘Great Expectations,’ Episode 4 of When Calls My Heart Season 10’ offers a mix of heartfelt emotions and thrilling moments.

The focus is on Rosemary and Lee as they eagerly await the arrival of their baby, drawing the enthusiastic support of the entire Hope Valley community.

However, complications arise, creating concern among everyone involved. Concurrently, Elizabeth finds herself in a dilemma as she strives to be present for her best friend’s child’s birth while also grappling with her son’s thought-provoking inquiries.

Nathan and Faith have their own share of excitement when they encounter a mysterious newcomer in town, whose uncanny familiarity unsettles them.

Meanwhile, Henry navigates his newfound freedom, and Bill becomes more acquainted with Madeline and her son, oblivious to her hidden intentions.

With so much unfolding in the lives of Hope Valley’s residents, curiosity grows about the climactic events in the latter part of the episode. So, keep reading this article to know more about the ending of When Calls My Heart Season 10 Episode 4.

Recap Of When Calls My Heart Season 10 Episode 4

When Calls My Heart Season 10 Episode 4
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In this episode titled‘Great Expectations,’ Rosemary and Lee are very excited and a little worried because their baby is going to be born soon.

Meanwhile, Bill starts to become friends with a young boy named Jamie. He encourages Jamie to make friends with the other kids in the town. Bill also gets to know a lady named Madeline better. She wants to stay in the town for a longer time.

Faith and Nathan, after a funny meeting, start to become closer to each other. Elizabeth, who is going to help Rosemary have her baby, asks Lucas to take care of little Jack.

But something surprising happens: little Jack asks Elizabeth about his dad. Elizabeth tells Jack more about his dad and gives him a special hat that his dad used to wear.

Later, Jack asks Lucas about his dad too, and Lucas handles it well. Elizabeth talks to Nathan about being a single parent and decides to tell Jack more about his dad.

Henry is still struggling because he feels like he needs to be in prison to make up for his mistakes. Joseph, his friend, talks to Bill about this and they come up with a plan to help Henry feel better.

They tell Henry that he has to do community service instead of going to prison, and he agrees. Henry works hard to build something useful for the town.

Madeline visits the town and loves its natural beauty. She wants to buy land there, but Bill says no because that land is for the people who live in the town.

Madeline understands but talks about how her son, Jamie, likes the town a lot. Bill doesn’t want to tell her about a piece of land he wants to sell.

He’s unsure about her because she’s rich, but when she tells him about her past, he starts to see her differently. Jamie, her son, starts to make friends in the town, and she decides she wants to stay there.

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When Calls My Heart Season 10 Episode 4 Ending Explained: Has Rosemary And Lee Welcomed Their Baby?

When Calls My Heart Season 10 Episode 4
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At the beginning of the episode, Rosemary and Lee are feeling worried because the baby’s due date has already passed.

They visit Faith, who gives them some advice to help the baby come, like taking long walks. Taking Faith’s suggestion, they go for a calming walk around the town. Lee tries to distract Rosemary from her concerns, but many people in the town keep asking them about the baby.

Luckily, during their walk, Rosemary suddenly goes into labor. Faith and Elizabeth take care of Rosemary at their house, while Lee waits anxiously next door with Lucas and little Jack.

Hours go by without any news, and Lee becomes even more anxious. Rosemary faces complications as her blood pressure rises and her labor progresses slowly, making her tired. She asks for Lee, and he rushes to her side to support her.

Outside, Elizabeth and the townspeople light candles to show their support. Faith eventually comes with good news: Rosemary has given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

The whole town celebrates this new arrival. When Elizabeth meets the baby, Rosemary and Lee reveal that they’ve given their daughter the middle name Elizabeth, as a way to honor her. This touching gesture brings them all closer, and they look forward to the future with the new baby girl.

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Has The Mystery Bandit Finally Been Caught By The Police?

When Calls My Heart Season 10 Episode 4
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While Faith and Nathan are talking, they notice a strange young man acting suspiciously near the mercantile store.

Nathan becomes wary of him, especially when Scout, the dog, reacts strangely to the young man. The young man accidentally hurts his hand while trying to avoid them, and Faith offers to help by taking him to the clinic.

However, when she leaves to get medicine, the young man tries to escape by jumping out of the window.

Nathan catches him and discovers that he has stolen items from the store. Faith tries to defend him, but Nathan proves that he’s the same bandit who previously attempted to rob her during one of her visits.

Nathan arrests the young man, but Faith asks for leniency due to his age.

The young bandit explains that he comes from a nearby farming town that’s struggling due to an economic crisis.

He reveals that his family’s farm hasn’t produced crops, leading him to turn to theft to feed them. Nathan initially takes a firm stance, but he sympathizes with the young man’s situation and offers him a meal.

He then decides to give the young bandit a second chance. Nathan takes him to the mercantile to apologize and work off what he stole by working for the store owners, Ned and Florence.

The Yosts agree, showing the kindness that touches the young bandit, who is grateful for their understanding.