The Chosen One Finale Explained: Unravel the Mysterious Finale!

The Chosen One, a Netflix original series, depicts a bashful teenager who believes he is the second coming of Christ.

Plot of the Chosen One

The Chosen One
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When 12-year-old Jodie from Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, realizes after an awful accident that he has Jesus-like abilities, he finds himself faced with the reality of his scenario: he must help humanity with his newfound abilities through a centuries-long struggle to remake the world that we live in forever. 

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Who exactly is Jodie?

The Chosen One

Born of a virgin mother and able to convert water into wine and raise the dead, he is portrayed as the second coming of Christ.

The people of the town, as well as his dearest friends, come to believe that he is the resurrected Jesus, and many begin to worship him as the deity they think he is. However, all over The Chosen One, little signals and hints indicate that he is not, in fact, Jesus Christ.

He’s Antichrist, Satan’s son, and by the end of The Chosen One, a 20-year-old Jodie has become President of the United States and wants to spark a World War by hitting the Holy place.

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How did Jodie gain his abilities?

The Chosen One

Jodie has always had his abilities due to how he was born – his mother was most likely a member of a devil-worshipping cult, so she had Jodie with Lucifer.

As a result, Jodie was always able to influence and persuade people to do his bidding. His powers manifested when a vehicle fell on him, but he amazingly lived.

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Is Tuka dead?

The Chosen One
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Jodie, the chosen one, heals his bully Ngelo’s father and brings him to life. However, it quickly becomes clear that the version of Ngelo’s father, who returned, did not do so voluntarily.

He kills himself, hurting Ngelo even more, and he wants revenge on Jodie. He points a revolver at him, furious over his father’s death. By this point, Jodie appears arrogant and ignorant.

As Jodie confidently approaches Ngelo, the boy shoots, and the bullet hits Tuka, who dies now. Everyone mourns him, but Jodie is consumed by remorse and longs to see his buddy again.

Jodie performs the final miracles in the community of Santa Rosalia. He saves Ngelo from his dedicated followers, who seek to punish the child and nearly hang him.

At the same time, Jodie attends Tuka’s burial, where he brings him back just as everyone else passes out. They all wake up the next day, and the miracle unifies them in a triumphant bliss as The Chosen One season 1 finishes.