Maestro Official Trailer Released By Netflix!

The official trailer for Bradley Cooper’s Netflix film Maestro confirms the film’s release date.

The first trailer for Maestro, starring Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein and Carey Mulligan as Netflix, has released Felicia Montealegre.

Cooper’s next project as a filmmaker is a biographical drama on Leonard Bernstein, a prominent American composer, following his directorial debut in A Star is Born in 2018.

The official trailer for Maestro, which claims to be a heartwarming love tale between Bernstein & Mulligan’s Montealegre, has now been shared on the Netflix YouTube account.

Maestro Official Trailer

The Official Clip For Maestro Is Out, Depicting The Love Story Of Leonard Bernstein And Felicia Montealegre!

The upcoming biopic, as shown in the official teaser trailer, will depict all stages of the long-lasting connection between American conductor, pianist, composer, and music teacher Leonard Bernstein and his beloved spouse, actress & activist Felicia Montealegre Bernstein.

It also appears that most of the movie was shot in black and white. The biopic has been weaved with passion and emotional depth as it exhaustively tells the story of the renowned couple’s love affair, according to various glances in the trailer.

Based on the actors’ first visuals in the official trailer, it is clear that both Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan have immersed themselves in their respective characters to bring out their complex emotional nuances in cinema. The two actors’ chemistry is compelling.

Apart from the younger beings of Cooper’s Leonard  & Mulligan’s Felicia, the film will also show older versions of the characters since the biography will span their whole relationship and married lives.

The trailer opens with the younger versions of the critical characters sitting together in the garden and finishes with the older versions of the characters, emphasizing the whole course of their relationship.

The trailer reveals that Cooper has taken a highly traditional manner of shooting Maestro, with various moments invoking flashbacks of Hollywood films from the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s as the composer aged.

Maestro is a majestic and courageous love story of Leonard Bernstein & Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein’s lifetime romance. Maestro, a love letter to art and life, is an emotionally overwhelming depiction of family and love at its center.


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The Cast and Crew of Maestro 


Bradley Cooper will play Leonard Bernstein, the renowned composer regarded as one of the most important conductors of his time, best known for writing the music for the iconic West Side Story. 

Carey Mulligan will play Felicia Montealegre, a movie star and Bernstein’s wife. 

The supporting cast of Maestro includes Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) as Jamie Bernstein, Miriam Shor (Younger) as Cynthia O’Neal, Gideon Glick (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) as Tommy Cothran, Sam Nivola (White Noise) as Alexander Bernstein, Sarah Silverman (Wreck-It Ralph) as Shirley Bernstein, Michael Urie (Shrinking) as Jerome Robbins, and Alexa Swinton (And Just Like That…) as Nina Bernstein. 

The teaser, in addition to providing the first proper preview of the film, indicates that Maestro will have a limited theatrical run beginning on November 22 before being released on Netflix on December 20.