Millie Bobby Brown Revealed Her Excitement For Her Marriage With Jake!

Millie Bobby Brown recently revealed that planning her wedding was an exciting thing in her life. There are a lot of celebrities who are right now quite happy in their personal life and that’s the reason why they reflected on social media or through interviews.

Whether it is related to sharing their opinion on each other or also showing love with some gesture, it comes in front of fans. While other times it is a celebrity who decides to talk about it quite freely.

The same recently happened with 19-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown. The actress recently talked about her upcoming wedding with her fiance in a recent interview.

The 19-year-old singer and actress is already engaged to her boyfriend that is Jake in April 2023. And since then they are planning for their wedding which is going to be great.

Coming to the recent confession of the actress then she talked about it all on 14 August 2023.

She revealed about her wedding planning and drawing the curtains and how there are so many moments in her life that are going to be just wonderful.

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Millie Bobby Brown

Dealing with everyone’s opinion is something that appears to be quite unnatural to her and that’s what the actress reflected. Millie Bobby Brown has amazing personal life which is also coming in front as her wedding plans are getting too much light.

And due to the same reason, she said that how she needs to enjoy small moments in her life that are close to her heart. She also reveals that planning is going related to her marriage.

Millie Bobby Brown also confessed that it is so much fun as it is an exciting thing in her life while planning the wedding with her love of life. She got engaged to her boyfriend in April and since then the news of the wedding is coming in front.

However, it is not clear when they are going to get married or if is there any pre-wedding celebration that is happening. It was back in June 2023 when the couple decided to have an engagement party with the theme of white balloons.

The Balloons with titles like Mr. and Mrs Bongiovi. For this look, the actress was wearing a white crop top and skirt that was matching the party while on the other hand, her fiance decided to go with a green suit.