Chris Martin Went Shirtless For His Recent Trip With Son Moses!

Chris Martin decided to go shirtless as he was seen with his 17-year-old son. Summer is one such season where we have seen an abundance of vacations coming in front related to celebrities and their family.

Sometimes celebrities decided to have the company of their child or their partners while other times it is just a solo trip. The same is happening with a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who decided either to go with friends or family members to enjoy a perfect vacation.

Among them is 46-year-old singer Chris Martin who is recently seen with his 17-year-old son. It was his trip to Ibiza where Moses, the son of the singer was photographed together.

The singer Chris Martin was seen shirtless and was about to get into the water. According to the location, it was the perfect view and a spot for surfing and that’s what the father and son did.

Coming to the look of the singer then he was wearing a matching helmet and swim trunks for this one session. From the pictures, it can be seen that they both were having an amazing time together.

Coming to the look of 17-year-old son that is, Moses then he was seen wearing grey shots. He was walking around the area and hanging out in the boat. The son was seen with his friend whose identity was not revealed.

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Chris Martin and Son Moses Enjoying Time on Beach!

Chris Martin

When it comes to the appearance of the rest of the family then Chris Martin was just seen with his son not with his daughter that is 19-year-old Apple.

If the singer is not making headlines related to his family life and it is sure that he is there with his love life. He is right now in a long-term and serious relationship with the actress Dakota Johnson.

Their relationship always created headlines but they decided to keep it very much grounded and away from unnecessary attention.

Apart from his current love life, Chris Martin was also in the news related to his ex-wife that is, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The couple share two children in which the eldest is Apple and then followed by the 17-year-old son that is, Moses.

If this is not making headlines related to his love life or even his outing then it is sure that he is making it with his career. Sometimes it is his upcoming album or song while other times it is a performance.