Barbie Movie Got Banned In Lebanon for Promoting Homos*xuality!

Barbie was a massive hit worldwide, gaining popularity and smashing box office records, yet Nevertheless faced backlash and countrywide bans for ” promoting homos*xuality.”

Barbie, the multibillion-dollar phenomenon, is about to be banned in Lebanon, previously regarded as one of the most free nations in the Middle East.

While the film has been generally appreciated for its feminist themes in many areas of the world, it has received criticism in other countries such as Lebanon and Kuwait, with the latter already considering prohibiting it.

The Kuwaiti ban came shortly after Lebanon’s cultural minister, Mohammad Mortada, slammed the film, claiming it was “inappropriate.” “contradicts values of faith and morality” by decreasing the relevance of the family unit.

The movie “promotes homos*xuality and transs*xuality … supports rejecting a father’s guardianship, undermines and ridicules the role of the mother, and questions the necessity of marriage and having a family”, he said.

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Barbie Movie Got Banned In Lebanon!

The New York Times

Greta Gerwig’s film Barbie, which stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has earned more than $1 billion (£784 million) at the global box office, earning it the nickname “Barbillion.” It is the first movie directed by a single female that surpasses the $1 billion mark.

The plot encourages rejecting a father’s guardianship, denigrates and mocks the mother’s position, and raises doubts about the value of marriage and starting a family.

Barbie is the latest movie to be accused of having LGBTQ+ ideas, characters, or performers, and as a result, it has been banned or severely edited throughout the Middle East.

It’s unclear which LGBTQ+ tales in the film have drawn criticism. It chronicles Barbie’s journey into the real world as she seeks to discover her purpose in life after being troubled by existential ideas.

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie star. The minister enjoys the support of Hezbollah, a militant Shi’ite organization whose leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has recently stepped up his rhetoric against the LGBT population, saying recently in a speech that gay actions should be punished with death.

He urged Lebanese authorities to act against publications that he believed to support homos*xuality, including by “banning” them. He said that homos*xuality constituted an “imminent danger” to Lebanon and should be “confronted.”

In the past, Lebanon was considered one of the region’s more progressive nations regarding LGBTQ+ issues. 2017 it was also the first Arab nation to host Pride Week.

However, the subject has recently become more prominent, which has raised tension. While the video is still being reviewed in Lebanon, Kuwait has already enacted a ban to safeguard “public ethics and social traditions.

“Despite the fact that the movie makes no overt references to same-s*x couples, LGBT viewers all over the world have loved it. It was scheduled to begin playing in theaters in Lebanon on August 31.