Sasha Pieterse Recalls Gaining 70 Pounds At the Age of 17.

Sasha Pieterse is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood and not just that, she has become a worldwide sensation, she has over 17 million followers on her Instagram, and she is getting great projects the best part is that she is just 27, so pretty much everything is going her way at the moment.

Sasha was born to be a star, quite literally, she began modeling at the age of four, yes! You heard that right, she did her first commercial at the age of five and she made her acting debut at the age of six with the popular sitcom Family Affair.

Sasha’s career took a highway when she got featured in the American mystery teen drama television series Pretty Little Liars back in 2009 at the age of 13, her next big project was the popular Disney Channel Original movie, Geek Charming which was released in 2011.

Sasha was also featured in the 2014 Young Hollywood Issue. Even after so much success early in her career, Sasha had her fair share of struggles and she talked about one of those problems in a recent podcast, “The Squeeze”.

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Sasha Pieterse Shares Story of Her Battles With PCOS Which Made Her Obese When She Was 17.

Sasha recalled her teenage years when she was battling with Polycystic ovary syndrome also called PCOS, a condition that causes menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, acne, and uncontrollable obesity; Sasha said that she weighed in at 70 pounds when she turned 17 and weight gain was totally unintentional, she even visited several physicians and gynecologists but none of them addressed the issue which frustrated her even more, but finally, she got to know about her condition when she made an appointment with an endocrinologist.

Sasha confessed that initially she got freaked out as she was informed by the doctor that it’s an incurable condition and can only be managed as it’s just a hormonal issue.

Nonetheless, Sasha considers herself lucky that she didn’t have to go through any issues while giving birth to her first child back in 2020, she was worried because PCOS even causes infertility issues but eventually things worked out for her.