Dalton Gomez Is Devastated By News Of Divorce With Wife Ariana Grande!

Dalton Gomez is devastated by the news related to his divorce from Ariana Grande. Separation is something that comes with multiple reasons as one reason cannot lead to one of the hardest times in their life.

If it happens between a married couple who are also parents then the biggest concern they have is the children.

And if not then the biggest concern they go is to somehow keep their relationship and work on the problems. The same happened with celebrities as they are surrounded by news of divorce or break up.

The same is going on with the singer Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez. The couple is heading towards divorce and will go officially related to the separation.

And due to the same reason, the 30-year-old is right now very devastated by ending the two years of marriage.

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Here is What Dalton Gomez Said About His Divorce With Ariana Grande.

Dalton Gomez

According to the source, Dalton Gomez never wanted this separation as he always wanted a fairy tale and a happy ending. He was always looking that way and also wanted to work on the problems they had.

The news of the divorce came on 17 July 2023. The couple got married in May 2021 and after 2 years these all things happened.

They were trying very hard to work on their problems for a few months now and according to the reports many ups and downs were going on in their relationship since January 2023. But every time they failed to do or work on their problems.

These rumors started when Ariana Grande was seen attending the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. For this appearance, she opted for a very natural look but without her wedding ring. And due to the same reason, the rumors of divorce and then later on confirmation came.

As soon as the news came in the media, Dalton Gomez decided to visit London with her current wife Ariana Grande who is filming right now for Wicked. He just wanted to save their marriage but despite the visit, it seems like things are not going to work out. And mutually decided to divorce each other.

Having a problem since January and then working on it and then failing again became the problem. But that doesn’t mean they don’t respect each other or have any kind of hate.

They just want to be best friends of each other and carry this friendship throughout their process and life. Coming to the reaction of friends and family of both the parties then they are also trying to digest it. They are also trying to protect the couple from any kind of unnecessary attention.

One of the reports claims that Dalton Gomez was actually dating other people for the last few months as they separated in January 2023.

He romanticly moved on from Ariana Grande and was totally fine with it. But this report came with no confirmation as no source and no insider confirmed these rumors.