New iPhone 15 Leak Colors: Every Rumored Shade Of The iPhone 15

The recent set of rumors answers some of the last questions left. With a little over a month, until the iPhone 15 is likely to be revealed, we know little about the upcoming phone.

However, some last rumors continue to move around, providing a better image of what Apple has in store for the upcoming generation of iPhones.

The iPhone 15 may be available in more colors than originally imagined, with a rumor pointing that the range would include a pink option in 2023.

As the September release date of the iPhone 15 approaches, rumors concerning Apple’s color options become increasingly common. According to the most recent leak, the non-Pro versions may be available in various colors.

In a Saturday tweet by leaker “ShrimpApplePro,” a picture of what looks to be a Weibo post has been posted. The post, translated from Chinese, notes using “green, dull yellow, or pink” models.

If accurate, the iPhone 15’s color selections might be as follows, according to Shrimp:

iPhone 15 Colors: Cyan

iPhone 15

According to one color leak, the iPhone 15  will be available in cyan. This color resembles the green hue on the iPhone 12, which has not been seen since, but various deeper greens have been offered. 

They say these phones will feature textured matte glass backs, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, rather than the glossy finish present on the iPhone 14. If accurate, it may influence how each color appears on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.


iPhone 15

According to another rumor, Apple is exploring a light blue color for the iPhone 15. Given that Apple offered a blue model with the previous three iPhone generations, this has a good chance of making it.

While this color was supposedly tested in February, a source noted that Apple’s intentions could change closer to arrival.


iPhone 15
Naxon Tech

Pink was identified as a possible color by the same source. They included the same warning with light blue, namely that this color was presumably in testing but may not be released.

Pink has already been utilized by Apple, notably on the iPhone 13. However, the iPhone 14 isn’t available in pink, and the hue used on the iPhone 13 is much lighter than the rumored color above.


iPhone 15

Midnight is Apple’s term for the off-black color featured on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 didn’t have this feature. However, they did have a comparable black color.


iPhone 15

Apple has an extensive background in using the color starlight. This off-white color was also utilized by the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, with another white shade available on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

So these forthcoming phones will most likely be available in Starlight, white, or similar.

There is no certainty that the color leaks are correct, especially for the launch. Because Apple updates the iPhone selection with a mid-year color addition, one color may not come until spring 2024.