Will There Be In Love All Over Again Season 2?

When Is In Love All Over Again Season 2 Coming? Well, created by Carlos Montero, Netflix’s Spanish series ‘In Love All Over Again’ tells the story of Irene and Julio, two individuals who serendipitously meet in the bustling city of Madrid.

Their connection quickly develops into a complex bond that becomes threatened by the arrival of Irene’s ex-boyfriend, Fer.

As the series unfolds, viewers witness the repercussions of Fer’s relocation to Madrid, driven by his desire to be near Irene, as well as Julio’s unexpected rise to fame.

Originally titled ‘Todas las Veces que nos Enamoramos,’ the show received widespread acclaim from both audiences and critics, who praised its captivating narrative and exceptional lead performances.

As the first season concludes with a gripping confrontation and a cliffhanger, devoted fans eagerly anticipate news about Season 2, anticipating details such as the release date, cast, plotline, and other related updates.

Continue reading this article to discover everything about the highly anticipated second season of ‘In Love All Over Again.’

Will There Be In Love All Over Again Season 2?

In Love All Over Again Season 2

Unfortunately, fans of the series ‘In Love All Over Again’ will be disappointed to learn that the show will not return for a Season 2.

The romantic comedy series, created by Carlos Montero, made its debut on February 14th, 2023, and garnered attention as a coming-of-age story.

However, several months after its premiere, news of the cancellation surfaced. The information was confirmed by Netflix, following a report from the Spanish outlet Fotogramas. It was revealed that three shows in total had been canceled, including ‘In Love All Over Again.’

Among the three, ‘Welcome to Eden,’ which had become one of the most-watched international shows of 2023, was the most significant cancellation, as it will not be returning for a third season. Additionally, ‘Sky High: The Series’ was also announced as not returning for a second season.

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Why Was The Show In Love All Over Again Season 2 Cancelled?

In Love All Over Again Season 2

While Fotogramas did not provide an official reason for the cancellations, several factors typically influence such decisions. Viewership, completion rates, production costs, and alignment with strategic goals for the platform are some of the key considerations.

In the case of ‘In Love All Over Again,’ its performance may have played a role in the cancellation. Despite being an international series, it only managed to secure a spot in the Netflix global top 10 for a single week, which is a significant factor.

During its initial release week, the show accumulated 16.16 million hours of viewership between February 12 and 19, 2023.

Although the series showed promise, with both of its main trailers amassing over 1 million views on YouTube, it’s worth noting that the performance of YouTube trailers is often linked to the show’s performance on Netflix itself.

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Recap Of The Ending Of In Love All Over Again.

In Love All Over Again Season 2

The first season of the show ‘In Love All Over Again’ concludes with a dramatic moment as Irene finds herself faced with a difficult decision: choosing between Julio and Fer as her lifelong partner.

Also, adding to the complexity, Julio presents Irene with an enticing opportunity to become the director of the movie adaptation of her beloved novel, granting her full creative control.

In the closing shot of the season, viewers witness Irene deep in thought, contemplating the weight of her choice and the potential consequences it may bring. This cliffhanger leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the resolution and eager to discover who Irene will ultimately choose.

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What To Expect If The Show In Love All Over Again Renewed For Season 2?

In Love All Over Again Season 2

If the series ‘In Love All Over Again’ is renewed for a Season 2, it holds the potential for an intriguing continuation of the story. The season could begin by exploring Irene’s decision regarding her life partner and delving into the consequences that follow.

If she chooses Julio, we might witness her embarking on her dream to become a director, taking on the challenge of adapting the novel ‘The Wind from the East’ into a feature film.

On the other hand, if Irene chooses to be with Fer, we could see her navigating the complexities of transforming her screenplay into a movie without the assistance of Julio.

The narrative possibilities are vast, offering Netflix the opportunity to greenlight a sophomore season if the viewership numbers and other significant factors from the first season meet the streaming giant’s expectations.

Fans of the series eagerly await news on whether the captivating story will continue to unfold in a second season.

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Is The Show In Love All Over Again Based On A Real Story?

In Love All Over Again Season 2

No, the highly popular series ‘In Love All Over Again’ is not based on a real story. The series is a work of fiction created by Carlos Montero, who aimed to explore various aspects of love through the show.

While the main character, Irene, and her journey are fictional, Montero drew inspiration from his own experiences as a film student when developing the character and her challenges.

Like Irene, who moved from Castellón to Madrid to pursue film studies, Montero also relocated to the Spanish capital in the 1990s as a film student, originally from the town of Celanova.

However, Montero has clarified that the series is not “autobiographical” but rather “personal” in nature.