Gal Gadot Shared Updates On Cleopatra Movie.

Gal Gadot has drawn criticism for her casting as Cleopatra in a forthcoming film, which will star Patty Jenkins and be released in 2020.

Gal Gadot has revealed a fresh update on the Cleopatra movie she is set to feature in, which is progressing gradually but steadily. Gadot was slated to play Cleopatra in a brand-new motion picture based on the legendary monarch when it was first announced for 2020.

Although it was subsequently revealed that Jenkins had departed the project and Kari Skogland had taken over as director, the film was initially believed to reunite Gadot with Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins.

Gadot said that the movie would “celebrate” the life of Cleopatra early last year, but since then, there have been no significant developments.

In a recent interview, Gadot affirms that her Cleopatra movie is still in production. She spoke candidly about how personal the film is because she was raised in Israel.

In addition, Gadot calls Cleopatra a role model and a “strong female leader” that people can look up to; she calls her the “real” Wonder Woman. Gadot admits that this is one of the reasons she is so thrilled to play Cleopatra.

Despite its protracted production, Gadot’s Cleopatra received a lot of criticism when it was revealed that the Wonder Woman actress would be playing the lead. Like Elizabeth Taylor‘s infamous Cleopatra movie from the early 1960s, some criticized Gadot for not revealing the historical figure’s mixed-race background despite her Israeli connections.

Since then, Gadot has defended her selection, pointing out that Cleopatra was Macedonian and that although they first looked for someone from the area, they finally decided she was the best fit for the role.

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Gal Gadot Has Expressed Excitement About Playing Cleopatra.

Gal Gadot

Gadot discussed her excitement for the movie and the choice to cast herself rather than an Egyptian in an interview. Israel borders Egypt, and I was raised hearing so many tales about Cleopatra that she’s practically a household name, the woman claimed.

If Wonder Woman is the idealized strong female leader, Cleopatra is the real one. That is the ideal illustration of the kind of tale I was hoping to tell when I started reading various works on Cleopatra and thought, “Wow, that’s fascinating.”

She also expressed her love and said Cleopatra and was always portrayed in films as this seductive woman who had affairs with Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar.

That was all she ever knew about Cleopatra. But in actuality, she is much more than that. This woman was highly innovative. Egypt and what it was then was still far ahead of where it is now.

When Israeli actress Gal Gadot was initially chosen for the part of the Egyptian queen in the film Cleopatra, many people were outraged.

The Wonder Woman actress’s selection for the role sparked criticism. Still, when her interview with the Queen of Egypt was released, many people praised her for attempting to alter popular perceptions of the illustrious monarch.