Coco Lee Commits Suicide at the age of 48.

In very shocking and tragic news, it has been revealed that famous singer and songwriter Coco Lee has passed away due to suicide.

The 48-year-old deceased soul was a Hong Kong-born artist who was a very popular name in Asia as well as the US, she has also worked as a dancer and actor.

Lee had an amazing career in which she received tons of awards and accolades, her career began in 1992 after graduating from college and then she continued to work in Asia till 1998 during this time she released several hit albums, one of which was a best-selling album of 1996 in Asia.

In 1998, Lee started getting international contracts and became a worldwide popular singer, one of the songs from her album became the opening of the Football World Cup.

In her professional career, Lee was touching new heights with each passing year, but her personal life was not so good, not in terms of relationship as she was happily married to Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz, but it was her own mental health which became a hurdle for her well-being.

Coco’s two sisters Carol and Nancy Lee shared a post on their social media where they mentioned the singer’s longtime struggle with depression.

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Coco Lee
NBC News

On 2 July, Lee attempted suicide at her house and was admitted to hospital after being found in an unconscious state, unfortunately, she died at the hospital three days later, her sisters have mentioned that she was seeking professional help to deal with her mental issues, but it seems like it didn’t help much.

Coco’s Instagram posts were also quite deep in terms of how she used to describe her feelings in the caption, it was always quite deep and emotional.

In her last IG post, she shared photos of her hand tattooed with “Love” and “Faith”, several posts before that showed that she was also dealing with health issues and had surgery on her leg.

Fans poured love and blessings on the beautiful soul in her post’s comment section, and we pray that she will be at peace on the other side of the world.