Let’s get Divorced Season 2 Renewed or Not.

Let’s Get Divorced was released on 22nd June 2023 on Netflix, and will there be a season 2 or not? Let’s find out the details you need to know about the series.

If at any time you are confused that which series or movies you should go to watch ahead then I think you must always go with rom-com because they are perfect to suit every of your mood!!! So I should add one more to your list and that is Let’s Get Divorced Season 2!!!!!!

It’s about fledgling politician Taishi Shoji played by Tori Matsuzaka and beloved television actress Yui which is played by Riisa Naka trying to part ways after the former is snapped in public with a young reporter, Sakurako played by Lisa Oda.

As the title of the series itself suggest that it is something about partners who are trying to part ways but some twist come and the life of both of them changes.

The path of their separation eventually becomes difficult and that is appointed to see in the series. The first season of the series is approximately 9 episodes long and the length of the episodes is very very long which can make the viewers feel often bored!!!

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Is There Any Possibility of Let’s Get Divorced Season 2?

Let's get Divorced Season 2

As we have mentioned above that the episode length and the overt drama of the series make it very boring and sometimes not worth watching.

Also if you have seen the finale episode of the first season you will be knowing that the episode ended on such a note that it else seems like and Happy ending to the show.

There is no loose end left from where the story could be picked up for the second season. And in my opinion, the viewers who have seen the first season must also not be wanting to see the hefty long long episode all over again.

Also even if this first season price is a hit for the streaming services then also there is very less chance that it will be renewed because it all ended in season 1 in itself.

We strongly believe this is all we’re getting, people, and our strong intuition or prediction is that Let’s Get Divorced will not be renewed for Season 2.

Moreover, you need not worry because we will keep updating you as soon as we get any update from the makers or the streaming platform!!!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading:)