Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu Spotted In Canada for Barbie Promotion.

Ryan Gosling has become a pretty huge star in the Hollywood industry now. And thus he seems to be enjoying it. The star has worked in many great movies with a lot of high-end co-stars and directors.

This is the reason why Ryan Gosling has grown to become such a great star as he has been in great company.

Ryan Gosling has been in the industry for a pretty long time now and he seems to continue his journey as an actor in full motion as the actor is doing movies one after the other.

The American actor has worked in many films. The star has created an aura for himself that is pretty unmatched out there and thus he is a great actor now.

Ryan Gosling has worked in many films and series and thus he is categorized as a great actor now. The star is counted among the great stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and Christian Bale in the list of the top actors of the biggest movie industry in the world, Hollywood.

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Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu Spotted In Canada for Their Upcoming Film Barbie Promotion.

Ryan Gosling

And because of his aura, Ryan always finds himself trending in the entertainment section of the daily news for one reason or the other. The star seems to enjoy being there.

Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, and the whole team in the Barbie film were spotted in Canada. Yes, that is right! Barbie films seem to be promoting their film at full speed and they seem to be attracting a lot of audience through this.

On June 28th, the two Kens Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu were spotted for the Canada press conference.

The two stars were seen wearing coat pants and beneath a pink shirt or a t-shirt to promote their film’s popular color.