Tenoch Huerta Leaves Netflix Film After S*xual Assault Claims.

Tenoch Huerta is a popular actor from Mexico, he has been part of numerous Spanish and Latin American movies and television series, in almost a two-decade-long career, Tenocha has done different kinds of roles and he has been a rising star in Hollywood and OTT platforms recently.

But in an unfortunate event that has transpired in recent weeks, Tenocha has been accused of sexual assault by popular social activist María Elena Ríos.

Tenocha in return has completely denied all the allegations made by Elena, he revealed that they have have dated each other for several months about a year ago, and they were in a very healthy and supportive relationship and whatever happened between them was completely consensual.

But Tenocha also admitted that Elena started to portray his image badly in front of common friends and was making stories that actually never took place.

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Mexican Star Tenoch Huerta Steps Down from Upcoming Project After S*xual Assault Allegations by Ex Gf.

Tenoch Huerta

Due to all the chaos that has happened recently, the Black Panther 2 actor has announced that he is stepping down from his role in the Netflix film “Fiesta en la Madriguera”.

For those who don’t know, María Elena Ríos is a saxophonist, a musician who gained worldwide attention when she survived an acid attack in 2019 which was planned by her ex-boyfriend who was a powerful local politician.

The news spread like wildfire and got attention from international media and Elena received a tremendous amount of support from people all around the world.

After she recovered, she became a voice for women facing adversities in Mexico. These allegations from Elena on Tenocha have got the Internet divided, some fans believe that the allegations are completely baseless as Tenocha himself is a well-known activist who raises a voice for women and their rights.

While followers of Elena have complete faith in her. Well, a lot of things will come out of this whole situation in the future and it will be interesting to know what the truth is.