TWICE Revealed 5th World Tour.

Who does not know about TWICE? The popular girl group from South Korea has a huge fan base registered under their name. With the rising trend for Korean music, drama, and entertainment, TWICE has also risen up to a great level.

And that is why, the famous girl group has great recognition all over the world. A lot of fans want to see their favorite girls singing and dancing in front of them.

TWICE has become a great sensation in the Korean industry. This is why there is a huge fan following for the Korean girl group worldwide. And for this vast amount of fan following, TWICE has done the world tour 4 times as of now. And it seems like now, the group is going to do it for the 5th time.

Seems like it is good news for the fans of TWICE as the Korean girl group is going to do a world tour for the 5th time. And they have announced their upcoming world tour with a track that is going to be released pretty soon.

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TWICE Ready to Be 5th World Tour Is Live Right Now Seems Like the Girl Group Has Already Completed Half of the Tour.

USA Today

The countries that are a part of the girl’s group are North America, Korea, Australia, and Japan. TWICE will be making several visits to North America while a few ones to Korea, Australia, and Japan.

The fans from these countries are pretty excited to see their favorite girl group performing live in front of their eyes.

TWICE announced their 5th world tour titled READY TO BE a few months back and started on April 15-16.

And looking at it now, it seems like the star girl group has already completed half of their world tour and only a few states of North America are left.

The states of North America that are left as of now are Houston, Chicago, Toronto, New York, and Atlanta.

The tickets for a few of these shows are already sold out while for others, it’s selling pretty fast. Seems like fans of the Korean girl group have been waiting eagerly to see their favorite girls performing live on stage.