Never Have I Ever Season 4 Ending Explained.

Never Have I Ever, one of Netflix’s beloved series, has come to a satisfying conclusion with its fourth season. This fan-favorite teen romantic comedy series has joined the ranks of Netflix shows with the best endings.

Published: June 8th, 2023 5:52 am | Updated: June 8, 2023 5:52 am

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Ending Explained: Never Have I Ever, one of Netflix’s beloved series, has come to a satisfying conclusion with its Season 4. This fan-favorite teen romantic comedy series has joined the ranks of Netflix shows with the best endings.

In the final season, Devi and her friends embark on their senior year of high school, bravely facing the challenges that come with it. College applications, graduation, prom, and the daunting task of deciding their future paths all take center stage.

As the series finale unfolds, viewers eagerly discover the answers to their burning questions. Who does Devi choose? Which college does Devi attend?

The bittersweet ending brings forth a multitude of developments, leaving fans captivated and satisfied with the culmination of this heartfelt and relatable journey.

So, here in this article, we the team of Daily Research Plot decided to discuss in detail about the ending of season 4 of the series Never Have I Ever. Therefore, keep reading this article till the end to know about the ending of Never Have I Ever Season 4.

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Ending Explained: Do Devi And Ben End Up Together?

Never Have I Ever Season 4
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Yes, Devi and Ben end up together in the captivating series of Never Have I Ever, after navigating through a tumultuous season filled with mishaps, indecision, and tension.

Despite their awkward s*xual encounter at the end of junior year, Devi and Ben begin their senior year without being together.

Ben finds himself dating Margot, while Devi enters into a relationship with the rebellious Ethan. However, both of these relationships eventually come to an end. In the series finale, a realization strikes Ben and Devi simultaneously—they love each other deeply.

Influenced by this newfound understanding, Ben embarks on a journey, rushing all the way from his summer internship in New York City to Devi’s house.

Their second intimate encounter is devoid of discomfort, and they decide to commit to one another.

With Devi attending Princeton in New Jersey and Ben heading to Columbia in New York, they are able to maintain their relationship while also pursuing their individual dreams.

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Who Is Dating Who At The End Of Never Have I Ever Season 4?

Never Have I Ever Season 4

During the season, a lot of things happened quickly. We found out that Nalini and Andres are still a couple and they shared a kiss at a wedding.

It was also revealed that Paxton and Ms. Thompson are dating, and they announced it at the same wedding. The wedding itself was beautiful and everything went as planned.

Devi, one of the main characters, was allowed to invite her friends to the wedding and she wanted to make it a memorable time for everyone.

However, her mom had different plans. She introduced Devi to relatives she hadn’t seen in a long time, and they started making her doubt her decision about going to college.

After her mom scolded her for not being packed, Devi’s aunt reminded her mom to be less strict and went upstairs to help Devi pack.

Eventually, at the wedding, Devi’s cousin Kamala grabbed her and they danced together in an Indian style to celebrate the occasion.

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Does Paxton Go Back To The College?

Never Have I Ever Season 4
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At the start of Never Have I Ever season 4, Paxton begins his journey at Arizona State University, but he doesn’t immediately feel comfortable with college life.

In high school, he was popular and admired as the star athlete on the swim team, but in college, he finds himself just another student without special attention.

Despite giving it a few weeks, Paxton decides to leave Arizona State University and becomes the new assistant swim coach at Sherman Oaks High.

As the season progresses, Paxton starts questioning his decision to leave college, especially when he sees how the students who used to idolize him now treat him differently.

While helping Eric improve his swimming skills, Paxton discovers a passion for teaching. Eventually, he makes the choice to return to Arizona State University and pursue a teaching degree, ultimately ending up in a relationship with his fellow teacher, Lindsay Thompson.

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Where Does Devi Go At The End Of Never Have I Ever Season 4?

Never Have I Ever Season 4
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Devi’s journey in Never Have I Ever takes an exciting turn when she gets accepted into her dream school, Princeton University. However, her path to Princeton wasn’t straightforward.

Initially, when Devi applied for early admission, her acceptance was deferred, and later on, she was placed on the waitlist.

To make matters more challenging, Devi had solely applied to Ivy League schools and hadn’t received acceptance from any of them. It seemed like her chances of getting into college were becoming slim.

However, the Princeton admissions representative suggests that Devi resubmit a more personal admissions essay, which Devi isn’t particularly thrilled about.

It is Ben who inspires her to take the leap and write honestly about her father. With newfound determination, Devi writes the essay, which ultimately gives her the competitive edge she needs.

As a result, she manages to secure a spot at Princeton, fulfilling her and her father’s long-cherished dream.