Build It Forward Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

In "Build It Forward," Season 2, they set out on an emotional journey to support a hometown hero who utilizes the arts to inspire young people.

Published: June 8th, 2023 7:14 am | Updated: June 8, 2023 7:14 am

Build It Forward Season 2 will debut on June 10. The Season 2 of the inspirational television program Build It Forward demonstrates Lowe’s dedication to helping worthy groups and people around the country.

A life-changing house makeover that realizes its goals awaits community members who have voluntarily submitted their villages for revitalization initiatives.

Witness the incredible impact that donating has when houses are renovated, changing these wonderful people’s lives and the communities in which they reside.

When will ‘Build It Forward’ Season 2 be available?

Build It Forward Season 2
Prime Video

Build It Forward Season 2 will debut on June 10 at 6:00 p.m. ET.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the thrilling Build It Forward on HGT series will premiere, with each episode being split into two parts.

The first episode, Episode 1, will debut on June 10 on Saturday with the first segment and June 11 on Sunday with the second segment. The narrative continues to be exciting as it is told across four fantastic episodes.

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What will ‘Build It Forward’ Season 2 be about, and what can we anticipate?

Build It Forward Season 2

The dynamic combo of Taniya Nayak and Shane Duffy, Lowe’s, and HGTV team together for a fantastic season of Build It Forward to help deserving people and organizations.

In “Build It Forward,” Season 2, they set out on an emotional journey to support a hometown hero who utilizes the arts to inspire young people. Taniya and Shane repaired his house and returned a historic theater with Lowe’s help for public use.

The crew surprises a program director at Colorado Village Collaborative, a homeless shelter in Denver, in the next episode of the series. They work in the director’s house, making it a warm place for the group’s members.

Then they proceed to Ontario, California, where they help a selfless hero who supports disabled persons at Anthesis. They redesigned a room for the non-profit’s community programs and rebuilt her house with Lowe’s help.

Finally, they travel to Washington, DC, where they renew the Chief Programme Officer’s residence at Horton’s Kids, a company that helps local kids by offering vital services. They also renovate the organization’s brand-new headquarters.

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Who are the Build It Forward Season 2 Stars?

Build It Forward Season 2

A competent builder and co-owner of the NYC-based home remodeling company SD Squared, Shane Duffy provides a distinctive perspective on house repairs.

Taniya Nayak, an Indian-born American interior designer born in Texas, has established herself as a sought-after authority in house remodeling.

She has garnered popularity on major networks, including HGTV, ABC, and Food Network, because of her bright smile and keen eye.

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Build It Forward Season 2
Prime Video

Lowe’s retail chain commemorates its 100th birthday by realizing its promise to build 100 hometowns for charitable communities, as shown in the most recent season.

Both HGTV and Lowe’s wanted to surprise any five honorable workers with completely renovated quarters to assist them.

The two most well-known professionals in the field who construct incredibly gorgeous homes have been chosen by the show: devoted contractor Matt Blashaw and experienced designer Taniya Nayak.

Matt and Taniya will appear in the hour-long program and learn about the homes that suffered damage due to several internal and external reasons. The two will work on the renovation using supplies that Lowe’s has donated.