Dr. Stone New World Episode 9 Ending Explained.

‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’ season 3 episode 9 titled ‘Beautiful Science,’ the plot takes an exciting turn as Ginro and Suika manage to escape from the ship.

Published: June 6th, 2023 1:46 am | Updated: June 5, 2023 1:46 am

Dr. Stone: New World Episode 9 Ending Explained: In ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’s season 3 episode 9 titled ‘Beautiful Science,’ the plot takes an exciting turn as Ginro and Suika manage to escape from the ship, successfully bringing the science lab along with them.

Upon reuniting with Senku and the rest of their friends, the entire crew finds refuge in a nearby cave, opting for a hidden location to strategize their next move.

In this underground sanctuary, they make preparations for an upcoming selection process to enter the master’s inner circle.

Their ultimate goal is to gain access to the coveted secrets of petrification. As the episode concludes, viewers are left with a sense of anticipation, eager to find out what lies ahead for Senku and his crew in their quest for knowledge and survival in this new world.

If you are curious to know everything about the ending of Dr. Stone: New World Episode 9 then you have come to the right place. As everything related to the ending of Dr. Stone New World Episode 9 will be discussed here in this article in detail.

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Dr. Stone New World Episode 9 Brief Recap

Dr. Stone New World Episode 9

In Dr. Stone: New World Episode 9, Senkuu and his friends find themselves in a perilous situation. Ginro, feeling a sense of relief as Suika’s timely distraction saves his life from Ibara and his men, seizes the opportunity to escape the ship.

However, he hesitates when he realizes that his petrified friends are still trapped inside.

Determined not to leave them behind, Ginro ties Kinrou’s statue and attempts to drag it along with him. Overwhelmed with guilt, he is ashamed of his initial lack of resistance.

Meanwhile, Suika’s antics draw the attention of the guards by playfully wearing a watermelon covering on her head, providing a distraction for Ginro’s escape.

Together, Ginro and Suika manage to flee the ship, bringing the science lab with them. Although Ibara and his men spot the large vehicle, they mistake it for an animal, allowing the duo to make their getaway undetected.

Once reunited with Senkuu and the others, they seek refuge in a cave where they begin preparations for the upcoming selection process.

In order to infiltrate the master’s inner circle, Senkuu devises a plan to have Kohaku selected by Ibara alongside Amaryllis.

Understanding the importance of presentation, Senkuu creates shampoo and other cosmetic products to enhance Kohaku’s appearance.

While Kohaku naturally possesses beauty, she has never focused on her looks. However, Amaryllis, desiring more candidates for the inner circle, applies makeup to everyone.

Despite the less-than-stellar results for the male participants, they realize that Ginro just might be able to deceive Ibara in their pursuit of the ultimate goal.

The episode concludes with a sense of anticipation as the group gears up for the selection process, setting the stage for further thrilling developments in the story.

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Dr. Stone New World Episode 9 Ending Explained: What Has Happened At The End Of This Episode?

Dr. Stone New World Episode 9

On the day of selection, Ibara and his men arrive in Amaryllis’ village to choose women for the master’s inner circle on Treasure Island.

The process involves selecting the most beautiful women, but Amaryllis has the plan to infiltrate the inner circle and free everyone. She convinces Ibara that she is an innocent girl eager to be chosen and successfully secures her spot.

As Ibara moves to check the other girls waiting in line, Kohaku and Ginro are also present. Kohaku intends to infiltrate the inner circle, but Ginro does not want to be selected.

When it’s Kohaku’s turn, she struggles with her lines but catches Ibara’s attention with her appearance. Ibara attempts to touch her inappropriately, leading Kohaku to lose her temper and prepare to attack him.

Mozu, observing from a distance, intervenes using a weapon to stop Kohaku. Ibara remains oblivious to what happened, but Mozu challenges Kohaku to confront him anytime.

When it’s finally Ginro’s turn, he tries to avoid being chosen, but Ibara is interested in his tomboyish personality, resulting in Ginro’s selection.

With Kohaku, Ginro, and Amaryllis entering the master’s inner circle, Senkuu, another character, becomes excited as he believes that the secret of petrification is now closer to being discovered.

And, episode 9 of the anime series “Dr. Stone New World” concludes here and fans are curious to know about how the new episode will unfold.