Rihanna Showed Baby Bump In Sheer Outfit Ahead Delivery!

Just before giving birth to her second baby, the singer Rihanna was seen in one of the best Maternity fashion!

Published: June 5th, 2023 6:59 am | Updated: June 5, 2023 6:59 am

Rihanna was recently seen showing her baby bump in a sheer dress before delivering the baby. There are a lot of celebrities who defined fashion the way they want to.

And that’s the reason why we have seen a different kind of trend almost every year or every month in Hollywood.

But when we talk about Maternity fashion then it remains one of the focuses for people as they also want to follow the same. Sometimes it is about the oversized clothes while other times it is the body-fitting cloth that appears to be the one in it.

The same recently happened when the singer Rihanna was seen looking beautiful in her sheer dress. She gave again one of the best of her pregnancy look or Maternity fashion while being out ahead of her delivery.

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Here you can check out the New Look of Rihanna.


The singer Rihanna or the actress was seen on 1 June 2023. Apart from wearing the sheer cloth, she was also looking beautiful in the leggings.

Besides her pants, Rihanna was also seen wearing a long brown fur coat. She was also seen wearing a t-shirt while going with the film called Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas.

The film is going to be with Johnny Depp. When it is about completing the look then the singer decided to pair it with high heels and accessorized herself with a diamond necklace. Apart from all these things, she was also seen rocking round earrings and a sparkling purse.

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Rihanna Shared some Recent Post On Instagram.


Talking about this outing, the singer came on the same day when she shared a series of pictures from a shoot. She was looking glamorous as ever while wearing white boots and an oversized black t-shirt.

The t-shirt was having a phrase called ‘use a condom’ printed on it. In some of the pictures, one can see the baby bump of Rihanna that came on display.

Talking about the pregnancy of Rihanna then it came in front at the Epic Super Bowl performance. It happened in February 2023 when the singer was supposed to perform and was already told that she will be bringing some guests with her. Later on, this guest appears to be no one else but her second baby.

According to the reports Rihanna kept the news of 2nd pregnancy very much to herself and her boyfriend Rocky. And due to the same reason, she decided not to deliver this news to her father who got it through the performance of the Super Bowl.

If Rihanna is not making news related to her outing then she is making through a different kind of fashion. Most of them for the past few years are going for Maternity.

When it comes to the enjoyment of being a mother then Rihanna is totally enjoying it and expecting the same for the second baby.

When she was asked whether any differences she is feeling between the first and second pregnancy then the singer said it is totally different as she is not feeling hungry.