Cardi B And Latto Released New Song Called Put It On Da Floor!

Cardi B joined Latto's new song called Put It On Da Floor with amazing verse !

Published: June 3rd, 2023 6:22 am | Updated: June 3, 2023 6:22 am

Cardi B and Latto released a new song called Put It On Da Floor Again. There are a lot of things in Hollywood that happen almost every second day or every week. And among them is the release of films and also the release of songs.

Whenever we talk about songs then we should definitely talk about some of the new songs that came on the list and started becoming the favorites of all the fans. Doesn’t matter whether it is from any album or any single, if it becomes a hit then it is a hit.

The same is the case with Cardi B and Latto’s new song called Put It On Da Floor Again. They released their new collaboration that is becoming very famous among the fans.

It’s a brand new song where two of the most popular rappers from the world came to front which appears to be very well. It was originally released after the appearance of the rapper coming at one of the music festivals in April 2023. And then later on it was followed by Cardi B as a remix.

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Cardi B And Latto’s New Song Called Put It On Da Floor!

The original song got 15 million views from around the world across all platforms. It also got thousands of views on many social networking sites.

Talking about the lyrics of the song then Cardi B added some of the best in it that remained highlighted throughout the whole remix. She gave the new verse and says:

“Put a ribbon on me, I been actin’ brand new / I ain’t smokin’ on no za’, lil’ bitch, I’m smokin’ on you / Put your bestie in a pack and now I’m smokin’ her too”.

Cardi B.

Adding more flavor to it, Latto went with Chorus and gave the best of rapping with the best of the lyrics:

“I did it all (Tuh), feel like Shawty Lo (Tuh) / Laughin’ to the bank (Tuh) but shit is not a joke (Tuh) / Say she got a problem? (Tuh) Imaginary smoke (Tuh) / Bitches said it’s up (Tuh) then put it on the floor (Tuh)”
If one goes with the whole song then it is not so long however it is not that short as well.

Cardi B.

If Cardi B is not making news related to the music then her street style is making one. It was on 25 May 2023 when the rapper proved that she can pull off anything.

The 30-year-old celebrity was looking effortlessly beautiful when seen in jeans and white heels. She completed her look with jewelry and sunglasses for the day.