Muted Ending Explained: Murder Behind Sergio’s Parents?

The doctor, who was fixated on Sergio and had adopted Noa in the Netflix Muted, wanted her to leave the case behind by giving her the truth about Sergio.

Published: May 24th, 2023 1:52 am | Updated: May 23, 2023 1:52 am

In Muted, a psychiatrist named Ana Dussuel tries to understand Sergio Ciscar’s actions, who most certainly murdered his parents six years ago.

A brand-new, intricately plotted Spanish mystery thriller series called Muted premiered on May 19, 2023, only on Netflix. This suspenseful psychological drama immerses us in the depraved mind of Sergio, who threw his parents from a balcony.

He was thus imprisoned in a juvenile correctional facility, where he conveniently stayed quiet for more than six years.

However, as soon as Sergio is released from jail, a covert operation is carried out by the psychiatrist Anna Dussul, who is attentively observing Sergio’s every move.

Muted Review and Ending Explained.

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The story’s conclusion shows a significant change in the plot. Sergio has been bearing the weight of his heinous crime for the past six years, his silence as a fortress to keep his dark secrets hidden.

A glimmer of hope does, however, appear when a teenage girl enters Sergio’s life. Sergio is moved to great emotion by this girl’s hidden nature, which connects with him.

It has been hypothesized that she can provide the details of the sad incident that changed Sergio’s life for all time. The relationship between Sergio and the girl deepens as time passes, and their paths cross, suggesting a unique link.

The barriers Sergio built around his quietness begin to crumble in the sight of the girl, and his troubled demeanor starts to change.

The likelihood of discovering the underlying truth is more accurate because of her unshakable resolve and sympathetic understanding.

The conclusion opens the possibility for the girl to go off on a quest for knowledge motivated by her insatiable curiosity and the need to find answers.

It implies that she can help Sergio find forgiveness and closure as she probes the depths of his history and works to uncover the long-hidden truth.

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What ultimately transpired on the fated balcony?


The doctor, who was fixated on Sergio and had adopted Noa in the Netflix Muted, wanted her to leave the case behind by giving her the truth about Sergio.

Ana chose to be by his side since she could identify with him. She could understand why Sergio acted the way he did since she, too, felt alone and misunderstood in her life.

Sergio and Ana were spotted approaching the same tragic balcony where Sergio’s parents jumped from at the very end of the television show.

Later, a blurry and grainy photograph showed one of them watching as the other fell from the balcony.

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Does Sergio Really kill Ana?


Although the conclusion of Muted leaves room for interpretation, it appears that Sergio murdered Ana by shoving him from the same balcony as his parents.

It’s also possible that Ana did push him to his death, maybe to “become” him in some odd way. We are aware that Sergio and Ana always go to the balcony together.

And we know that one of them stays still while the other falls to their death. People should continue to discuss because of the ambiguity.