Fans Express Their Anger on Twitter as Instagram Goes Down on Monday Morning!

Did you notice Instagram was down for some hours? Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives and we cannot deny the fact that it’s really hard to imagine life without them, although it comes with their own demerits, for many these platforms are a stress buster, an income generator, and a way to stay connected with their favorite personalities.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the last 5-6 years and currently, it has over 2 billion active users that spend an average of 29 minutes every day.

But recently Instagram has been facing a lot of backlash from people around the world, on May 21 the server went down early in the morning at around 4 am, users weren’t able to log in and access their account data, the feeds weren’t getting refreshed and several other issues were being reported.

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Why was Instagram Down for a few hours?


Several users took to Twitter and expressed their frustration. The backlash was severe this time because just a few days back on May 18, IG was down in several parts of the United States.

Several users in India also reported the issue, while a Meta representative sent a mail to The Verge and expressed an apology to the people who got affected, he also said that they are aware of the issue and their technical team is working hard to fix it asap.

Interestingly, Meta’s other apps like Facebook and WhatsApp were working just fine, several news channels in the US and Australia covered the issue too. Fortunately, the outage was fixed at around 7:40 am in the morning and the app started functioning normally.

Instagram’s official page took to Twitter and made an apology to the users who got affected by the outage and also notified that issues have been fixed and now everyone can use it without any issues, this gave a sigh of relief to people around the world.