Doctor Cha Episode 11: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More!

In this episode, we witness Jeong-suk put herself in the most awkward scenario by revealing her marital secret.

Published: May 16th, 2023 7:20 am | Updated: May 16, 2023 7:20 am

Doctor Cha Episode 11 is all set to be released next few days and here are the latest updates you need to know about the next episode. The upcoming episode is going to be extremely dramatic!

Cha Jeong-suk, who had put her medical residency career on hold to become a homemaker, decides to restart her training when her husband, a chief surgeon at the university hospital, cheats on her.

The series follows her attempts to get her degree, but things begin to become strange when she gets assigned to her partner.

Finally, Jeong-suk tells her husband that she will maintain their academic connection professionally above all else and that everything will be OK.

When will Doctor Cha Episode 11 be Released?

Doctor Cha Episode 11

Doctor Cha Episode 11 will release on the JTBC network on Saturday, May 20, 2023, and be accessible on Netflix. The episodes will be available online from April 15, 2023, until June 4, 2023.

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The cast of Doctor Cha.

Doctor Cha Episode 11

Here is the list of cast members for this series. So have a glance below.

  • Uhm Jung-hwa as Cha Jeong-suk
  • Kim Byung-chul as Seo In-ho
  • Myung Se-bin as Choi Seung-hee
  • Moon Ye-jin as young Choi Seung-hee
  • Min Woo-hyuk as Roy Kim
  • Song Ji-ho as Seo Jung-min
  • Lee Seo-yeon as Seo Yi-rang
  • Kim Byung-chun as Im Jong-kwon
  • Lim Hyun-soo as Lee Do-gyeom
  • Kim Ye-eun as Min Chae-yoon
  • Jo Ah-ram as Jeon So-ra
  • Baek Joo-hee as Baek Mi-hee
  • Park Joon-geum as Kwak Ae-sim
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Oh Deok-rye
  • So A-rin as Choi Eun-seo
  • Park Chul-min as Yoon Tae-sik

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What can we predict from Doctor Cha Episode 11?

Doctor Cha Episode 11

Jeong-suk appears to be in for some much-needed drama. And now that she’s discovered that the entire family was aware of the affair, she feels dumb.

There’s just so much she can do to keep her emotions hidden. The online petitioning appears to have paid off, as Jeong-suk goes insane in the following episode.

However, only some things can be perfect all of the time. Seung-hi joined in on the conversation as well.

She says she will leave the hospital if the two of them divorce. This is a win-win situation for her. This situation has negatively impacted everyone, and it is up to them to resolve it.

Once again, a crisis occurs in the hospital, and Jeong-suk is caught in the center of it. After a fire destroys the resident dorms, Roy Kim and Seo In-ho rush to find Jeong-suk and bring her to safety.

Perhaps she will dismiss Seo In-ho in exchange for Roy Kim’s assistance.

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Recap of Episode 10

Doctor Cha Episode 11

In this episode, we witness Jeong-suk put herself in the most awkward scenario by revealing her marital secret. The entire hospital now knows she and In-ho are married.

The shame is already too much, but the singing relieves the stress. Back at home, the two of them discuss the problem. On the other hand, Jeong-suk is keeping herself separate from her family.

That doesn’t bode well when she finds her children have been harmed, turning to violence in certain circumstances, as with Eun-seo and I-rang.

When Jeong-suk sees Seung-hi with In-ho, she knows that Eun-seo is his daughter, which worsens it. The truth has come to light.

Doctor Jeon and Roy Kim, who is devoted to being a good friend to Jeong-suk, maybe the only people who can help him today.