Kim Kardashian Was Seen Carrying Psalm While Enjoying Universal Studios!

Kim Kardashian was seen carrying son Psalm during a family day at Universal Studios. There are a lot of celebrities who try to give each and everything to their children in almost every aspect.

Whether it is related to the luxurious life or the same time being grounded, they try to teach everything first-hand.

And if it works about the busy life of celebrities then it of course affects them at some level but yet they try to keep it very natural and simple. Sometimes it is related to attending the school function of their children while other times giving them time at the house.

The same recently happened with Kim Kardashian. As being a mother of four children she never hesitates to share every time with them.

She is a cool mother and that’s what we have seen her recently at Universal Studios with her two children that are, Psalm and Saint.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Kim Kardashian at Universal Studios!

Kim Kardashian

According to the picture that came in front, we can see how the mother was loving her duty by carrying her youngest son on her back. It was related to a museum park area in California.

In some of the other photos, Kim Kardashian was seen playing some of the amusement park games which is related to throwing the ball.

Both the children of the reality star won some stuffed animals which were later carried by security. Apart from enjoying this life, they were also protected by many bodyguards at the venue.

Coming to the outfit of Kim Kardashian then she appears to be cool while wearing a jeans and black t-shirt. The t-shirt was having elastic curve at the back which is showing off her fit body. She was also wearing white and blue as well as Black shoes while keeping herself with natural makeup and a ponytail.

Going with the attire of her both children, the youngest one was wearing Cargo pants and an orange hoodie. While on the other hand, the older one called Saint was wearing a printed T-shirt with pants.

This outing came just a few days after Psalm. The birthday was a wholesome mood for all the family where we have seen Kim Kardashian sharing a lot of slide shows related to the parties. It included a fire station and also a grass field with other friends present at the party.

Kim Kardashian is not making headlines related to spending time with family then she is making headlines related to her amazing fashion sense. It was recently when she appeared at Met Gala in a whole pearl look that was matching with the theme.