Bella Hadid Health Update: Lyme Disease And Mental Health!

Lyme Disease is not an easy one but Bella Hadid with whole family dealt with it!

Published: May 14th, 2023 9:31 am | Updated: May 13, 2023 9:31 am

Bella Hadid and her health is something that remains in the news for a longer time. There are a lot of celebrities who always remain in the news related to some or the other reason.

Sometimes it is related to their casual outing while other times it is attending any event. If it talks about their aspects related to the health problem as well as dating life then it is again one of the most gained headlines.

Talking about one such thing then many celebrities are being very open related to their health and their disease.

The same is the case with the model Bella Hadid who was diagnosed with Lyme. This disease was with her ever since she was a teenager. And it’s been almost a decade that she is been battling with this condition.

She is not just the only one in her family who is suffering from the same disease as her mother and also her brother has the same condition.

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More About Bella Hadid Health Update: Lyme Disease.

Bella Hadid
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Apart from being a household name and one of the biggest models in the world, Bella Hadid is also someone who is a favorite of almost every design. She is not just an inspiration in terms of fashion but also in social media as well.

But she always or sometimes remains in pain due to her Lyme disease diagnosis. When it comes to the current situation then it is not there with her.

Talking whether Bella Hadid was open up about this disease then she never came forward in public related to her condition before 2016. Since then she was open up about this disease and also about her mental health and struggles.

It was back in 2013 when she suffered from the disease and discussed her health in conversation with one of the reality shows. It was said by the mother Yolanda herself:

Lyme is a vector-borne disease. It means it is contracted by humans when someone is getting bitten or stung by blood-feeding arthropods, which could be mosquitoes or fleas.

If we talk about the condition of America then almost 30000 people suffer from the same disease almost every year. A common way to treat this is to go with proper antibiotics and therapies.