Top 10 Series Like I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson Season 3 Original Netflix.

You can watch most of these series similar to ‘I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Published: May 13th, 2023 5:19 am | Updated: May 13, 2023 5:19 am

The sketch comedy show ‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’ is an original series produced by Netflix.

The show focuses on characters who are unashamed about being unusual and frequently place their lives in unfavorable positions. The sitcom, which was created by Robinson and Zach Kanin, is both greatly adored and praised by viewers.

It differs from other sketch comedies because of its absurdity and dark humor. The first season of the show was released in April 2019, and because of its straightforward but amusing plot, it quickly gained a large following.

If the plotline of the series “I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson” intrigued you, here is a list of similar series you might enjoy.

You can watch most of these series similar to ‘I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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Top 10 Series Like I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson Season 3 Original Netflix.

The list of top 10 series like the upcoming season 3 of I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson includes the following:

    1. The Characters (2016)

The Characters (2016)

The Characters is an American comedy sketch television program that debuted on Netflix on March 11, 2016. It showcases eight up-and-coming comedians, each of whom is responsible for writing and starring in their own half-hour comedy program.

Upon its debut, the series received favorable reviews from critics. It was the first time the streamer had ever attempted sketch comedy.

    2. Alternatino With Arturo Castro (2019)

 Alternatino With Arturo Castro (2019)

Arturo Castro is the creator and star of the American sketch comedy television series Alternatino, which debuted on Comedy Central on June 18, 2019.

The skits, which were somewhat personal, were based on Castro’s experiences as a Latino residing in the US. 

Many people are hopeful Castro will eventually be able to elaborate on this with another season, however, the second season is still up in the air. Castro’s sense of humor will undoubtedly appeal to fans of I Think You Should Leave.

    3. Aunty Donna’s Big Ol House Of Fun (2020)

 Aunty Donna’s Big Ol House Of Fun (2020)
Rotten Tomatoes

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol House of Fun is an offbeat slice of Australian comedy that revolves around three roommates living together in the same house.

Some of the circumstances they find themselves in are just a little off, such as when Ed Helms reveals that his real name is Egg Helms, while others are really out there, like when a hard-partying Queen of England shows up at their residence.

I Think You Should Leave fans will be drawn to it because of its ridiculousness.

    4. Kroll Show (2013)

Kroll Show (2013)
Kroll Show (2013)

Comedy artist Nick Kroll is the creator and star of the American sketch comedy television program Kroll Show. The show’s executives were Jonathan Krisel and John Levenstein.

The social satire Kroll Show mocks a variety of media, including television, the internet, and popular culture. The reality television genre has a big impact on the series’ aesthetic.

    5. Mr. Show With Bob And David (1995)

Mr. Show With Bob And David (1995)

Since its premiere in 1995, Mr. Show has gained a cult following. Mr. Show, which featured some of Bob Odenkirk‘s best recurring parts, was a remarkable showcase for both Odenkirk and Cross.

It featured a captivating blend of pre-filmed sketches mixed with skits filmed in front of a live audience.

    6. Baroness von Sketch Show (2016)

 Baroness von Sketch Show (2016)

The Baroness von Sketch Show is a sketch comedy television series that broadcasted on Canadian television. On June 14, 2016, it made its debut on the CBC Television network.

The series is a female-centric comedy series that is produced by Frantic Films and stars Jennifer Whalen, Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, and Aurora Browne, amongst others. In addition, all four of them are executive producers for the show.

    7. Saturday Night Live (1975)

Saturday Night Live (1975)

NBC and Peacock both broadcast Saturday Night Live, an American late-night live television sketch comedy, political satire, and variety program that was founded by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol.

The show’s showrunner at the moment is Michaels. A big and diverse ensemble of repertory and newer cast members perform the comic sketches for the show, which frequently mock modern politics and culture. 

    8. Peep Show (2003-2015)

Peep Show (2003-2015)

A British television comedy titled Peep Show features David Mitchell and Robert Webb. The lives of Mark Corrigan and Jeremy “Jez” Usbourne, two wildly dissimilar and dysfunctional best friends who live together in a flat in Croydon, South London, are followed in Peep Show.

Jeremy, a naive slacker and unemployed musician who resides in Mark’s spare room, is a socially awkward and hopeless loan manager.

    9. Inside Amy Schumer (2013)

Inside Amy Schumer (2013)
The New York Times

Inside Amy Schumer is the name of a popular American sketch comedy television show that Schumer herself created and hosts.

The show’s executive producers are Schumer and Daniel Powell. The program has won two Primetime Emmy Awards and been nominated for eight others. It has won a Peabody Award.

The majority of episodes conclude with an uncommon person being interviewed, frequently about s*xuality or gender issues. 

    10. Nathan For You (2013)

Nathan For You (2013)
Nathan For You (2013)

Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder stars in the American docu-reality comedy television series Nathan for You. Fielder plays a fictionalized off-kilter version of himself in the general premise of the series.

In this version, he is trying to use his business background and actual life experiences to help struggling companies and people.

In doing so, he frequently offers them outlandish strategies, mocking the methods of management and marketing consultants.