Blake Lively’s Trainer Revealed The Secret Of Her Fit Body!

The trainer of Blake Lively opened up about the diet plan and body routine of Blake Lively!

Published: May 10th, 2023 6:39 am | Updated: May 10, 2023 6:39 am

Blake Lively’s trainer finally revealed the fitness secret of the actress. There are a lot of celebrities who carry some secret with them in terms of their personal and professional life.

And if we talk about their fit body then they try to keep it very natural and also share it with the other so that others can also follow these.

Sometimes it is the celebrity themselves while other time it is their family members or friends or even the trainer who comes in the front and share the details.

The same recently happened with the actress Blake Lively. After giving birth to their 4th child, the actress was looking fit in just a few months.

If we talk about her recent appearance, especially in the public eye then she appears to be the one who is not at all bothered by what people say related to her body.

And due to the same reason, a lot of fans, as well as other people got impressed by her figure. The 35-year-old actress Blake Lively was recently seen hitting the gym for hours and following a very strict diet.

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Here is What Blake Lively’s Trailer shared about her Fit Body.

Blake Lively

Don Saladino, the trainer of Blake Lively, came to the front and revealed the diet as well as the exercise routine of the actress.

In a recent interview, he revealed some secrets about his clients which also include other names like Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.

How these actresses are never going to be unhealthy at all and focus on building their strength while taking a balanced diet.

He added, “That’s what I’ve been doing with thousands of people now, teaching them: ‘Let’s try and put on muscle, you won’t look muscular, but you’ll have that lean, athletic body that you want.'”

Don Saladino

Don created a 6-week program that will train people like the actress Blake Lively. Through this program, he will help women with their fitness goals and give them a proper diet plan.

The exercise part gives focus on strength training as well as working. And the emphasis will also be on feeling good rather than this working up and giving sweat.