How has Ankita Dave become the most controversial and hottest Influencer on Instagram?

Ankita Dave is a social media personality who has gained a lot of attention for her controversial actions and statements. While she initially gained popularity for her beauty and fashion posts on social media, she has since become embroiled in several controversies that have left many of her fans and critics alike questioning her character and credibility.

Biggest Controversies of Ankita Dave

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Ankita Dave revolves around a video that went viral in 2018.

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The video featured a young girl who bore a striking resemblance to Ankita, engaging in sexual acts with an older man. As per one user on Quora, While Ankita herself did not appear in the video, rumors quickly began circulating that she was involved in the production of the video. Despite her denials, many people still associate her with the scandal, and it has significantly impacted her reputation.

Criticism because of her fashion sense

Another controversy that Ankita Dave has faced involves her social media posts. Some of her posts have been criticized for being inappropriate, particularly those that feature her in revealing clothing or provocative poses.

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While she has defended her posts as a form of self-expression and body positivity, many people feel that they are not suitable for her young and impressionable followers.

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Criticism of Ankita Dave for #Metoo Movement

Additionally, Ankita Dave has also faced criticism for her statements on social issues. In one instance, she made controversial comments about the #MeToo movement, stating that women who dress provocatively are asking for harassment and assault. Her remarks were widely condemned by many people, who felt that she was victim-blaming and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

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Despite these controversies, Ankita Dave has continued to maintain a significant following on social media, particularly on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. While some people may find her actions and statements problematic, others view her as a bold and unapologetic personality who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

In conclusion, Ankita Dave is a social media personality who has generated a significant amount of controversy and attention over the years. While she may have started off as a fashion and beauty influencer, her actions and statements have left many people questioning her credibility and character. However, she still maintains a strong following and continues to be a prominent figure in the world of social media.