Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Seen In A Unique Style!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen together for an outing. There are a lot of celebrities in Hollywood right now, especially couples who are ready for a perfect outing. And that’s the reason why they decide to choose the best fashion which is suitable for summer or sunny days.

And if we talk about anything which is very much common in summer among female celebrities then it is floral dresses.

Floral dress has become a trend for this whole season which is set by many celebrities around the world and especially those in Hollywood.

The same recently happened when Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing a long floral dress from the 70s while being out with her husband. She was seen at Beverly Hills while looking like a million stars.

Ben Affleck was also there while enjoying his lunch date with his wife for the Easter holiday. Talking about fashion then Jennifer Lopez kept it very light and at the same time very much unique.

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Were Seen Together In A Unique Style!

Ben Affleck

The actress decided to go with a floral dress and leather boots for the day. She was also seen holding the hand of her husband who was wearing a sweater and faded jeans.

Ben Affleck was also seen wearing sneakers for the day while Jennifer Lopez added a handbag to her overall looks.

Coming to hair and makeup then the singer decided to open her hair and give very light makeup to herself for the day.

This outing came just after one day when they both were seen together. They were seen embracing each other very warmly.

For this outing, Jennifer Lopez decided to go with a huge jacket which was not at all her regular style. She was seen wrapped around the arms of her husband as if a new teenager’s love has blossomed.

It was not long before the actor has shown his Spanish-speaking skills through an interview for his movie. A lot of fans were surprised by this move by Ben Affleck.

It was not long ago when the ex-wife of the actor was seen making a statement related to them. Jennifer Garner reveals that it does not make her feel good when they both were presented in the press together.

She just tries to forget that thing in any way and the same with the person she loves. It means is not at all ready for unnecessary involvement in the media.