Lady Gaga In Harley Quinn Outfit from the Set of Joker!

Lady Gaga was recently seen showing off Harley Quinn’s outfit from the new picture coming out of the Joker set. There is a lot of…

Published: March 27th, 2023 3:10 am | Updated: March 27, 2023 3:10 am

Lady Gaga was recently seen showing off Harley Quinn’s outfit from the new picture coming out of the Joker set.

There is a lot of shooting that is going on related to the series which might be coming for the first time or in the sequel. And the same is happening with a lot of films that are becoming anticipated related to the previous release or the prequel.

When we talk about one such then Hollywood as an entertainment industry is rising day by day. And because of this, a lot of films are now anticipated among fans. Due to the same reason, the picture of a set or from the set or any character is also highlighted.

The same recently happened with Lady Gaga who made headlines through her killer look. She was recently seen working on the sequel of a famous movie called Joker.

In this film, the actress is getting the role of Harley Quinn. Coming to the recent appearance the Oscar-nominated actress went on a diamond pattern top and red jacket. Her face was covered with clown makeup as she was shooting for the film.

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Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn Photos Leaked.

Lady Gaga

Joker: Folie à Deux is a film where we will see Joaquin Phoenix coming in the lead role again. While on the other side, we will see Lady Gaga in one of the main roles. This outing of the singer came on 24 March 2023 which appears to be a very dramatic one as she was surrounded by many police officers on the set.

This picture came after a month when the director of the film, Todd Phillips, gave a big love letter to the comic book fans coming with the first look of Lady Gaga.

In these photos which were posted on Instagram on 14 February 2023, the director has given us a closed look of the singer holding the face of Joaquin Phoenix in her hand. With this scary picture, Todd Phillips wished all the fans a happy Valentine’s Day.

Not long ago, Lady Gaga made headlines about her appearance at the Oscars. The singer was nominated in the Best Song category however the RRR took it. Her appearance was marked in a black sheer gown.

The actress kept very on-the-point makeup while coming with red lipstick and dark eye makeup. For the accessories, she only went with a ring on her fingers while pulling her hair back into a bun.

Apart from her dress, it was her diamond necklace that was also making headlines. When it comes to her performance at the Oscar for Hold My Hand then the singer herself said that it needs a lot of love to walk through this in her life as we all need Hero sometimes.