Is Ariyoshi Assists Renewed For Season 2!!

Ariyoshi Assists is right now in talk related to Season 2 so here are all the details whether it is canceled or renewed. There are…

Published: March 16th, 2023 12:32 am | Updated: March 16, 2023 12:32 am

Ariyoshi Assists is right now in talk related to Season 2 so here are all the details whether it is canceled or renewed. There are a lot of comedy shows present in the world of entertainment and if we talk about any particular platform which is known for it then it is Netflix.

Netflix is the one who has given us amazing comedy series and that’s the reason why the talk related to its renewal and sequel always comes in front. Going with such categories then uniqueness becomes the main strength.

Among them is Ariyoshi Assists which is right now in talk related to its season 2. It is an amazing comedy show presented by Netflix which has a unique plot.

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Ariyoshi Assists Season 2 Renewal Status

Ariyoshi Assists Season 2
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The title named Ariyoshi Assists is with Ariyoshi who is MC on a variety shows and also responsible for the one assisting different 10 variety shows. In these variety shows, the 10 guest appears with their unique athlete and artistic talent. And they will be the ones presented as the host for it.

Coming to the performance then they have participated in 100 battles. The contestants will take the insane assistants of the title host and will move to absurd collapses. Due to all these, unexpected laughter comes in front.

Going to the renewal of Ariyoshi Assists then it is not confirmed. The makers have not confirmed the series and the same goes with Netflix.

This reality TV is very much famous and that’s the reason why fans are expecting it with season 2. If things will go well then we might expect again on Netflix with the same strategy or maybe different somewhere between 2024 and the end of 2024.

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The Cast Members In Season 2.

Ariyoshi Assists Season 2

Going with the expected cast, one can get with Ariyoshi Assists season 2 then there are a lot of chances of every cast coming again as the assist. Coming with the host then we will have Ariyoshi again as the one while on the other hand, all the guest appearances, as well as self appearances, will also be there. So here are the details:

Hiroiki Ariyoshi would be as Self and Host, Maaya Uchida as Self and Guest, Rino Sashihara as Self and Guest, Ryôta Katayose as Self and Guest, Koji Yamamoto as Self, Takushi Tanaka as Self, Tetsuya Morita as Self, and Toshiaki Kasuga as Self.