Sabrina Carpenter and Shawn Mendes are Seeing Each Other.

It looks like the two very famous stars of Hollywood music as well as the acting industry are involved in a lovey-dovey thing. We are…

Published: March 14th, 2023 6:49 am | Updated: March 14, 2023 6:49 am

It looks like the two very famous stars of Hollywood music as well as the acting industry are involved in a lovey-dovey thing. We are talking about the pop music icon Shawn Mendes and actress plus singer Sabrina Carpenter.

A very confirmed source has shared with the entertainment biz that the two are “seeing each other.” Not only this, the couple is also “hanging out a lot” as confirmed by the same source.

How did this happen? How did they get involved with each other? Who asked out whom? Read the article further to get your answers.

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Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter are a Thing?

Sabrina Carpenter
Entertainment Tonight

The entertainment industry is filled with rumors. It’s not a new thing when a rumor has gone out which involves actors, musicians, singers, etc. And this time, it’s about none other than Sabrina Carpenter and Shawn Mendes.

Yes, you read that right. Sabrina and Shawn are sharing a romantic, lovey-dovey thing with each other, according to a source. So is it confirmed yet or it’s just a rumor? Scroll down further to know more about it.

A source has confirmed the news that Shawn and Sabrina are a thing now. “Shawn and Sabrina are seeing each other. They have been hanging out a lot and trying to keep things low-key. They were at a birthday party together,” as said by many sources.

The sources have based the news on multiple reports of the couple together. Most recently, 24-year-old Shawn Mendes and 23-year-old Sabrina Carpenter were seen leaving a party.

And that’s not just another Hollywood party. The host of this celebration was Miley Cyrus. She arranged a get-together for her latest studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, in Beverly Hills on March 9.

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More About Shawn and Sabrina

Sabrina Carpenter

In the pics, the couple can be seen leaving together from the party that was arranged in a Gucci clothing store. Sabrina was wearing a black colored mini-dress and platform heels.

Shawn, who also left the party together, was dressed in a tan suede jacket and khaki pants. He was holding a glass from the party which probably had champagne in it.

Although the couple left together, they walked in opposite directions after leaving the store. Were they dissolving all the rumors that are going on? Only time will tell.

After that, they both probably went home in their SUVs without giving even a single look to each other.