Dandadan Chapter 96 Release Date, Time, and More.

Dandadan Chapter 96 is all set to be released next week and here are the latest updates you need to know about the upcoming chapter.

Yukinobu Tatsu created the action fantasy manga titled Dandadan. It revolves all around the odd exploits of the teen pair Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura. The manga has several legendary references, as well as gut-busting hilarity.

Readers of the manga like Momo and Ken, and many are committed to it because of the beautiful artwork shown in the book. If you’re a manga enthusiast looking for information about the current chapter, continue to read this article for more details!

What is the release of Dandadan Chapter 96?

Dandadan Chapter 96
Dandadan Manga Online

Dandadan Chapter 96 will be ready for reading online on March 6, 2023. This recent update has piqued the interest of manga readers.

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What is the Dandadan storyline?

Dandadan Chapter 96

A teen who believes in spirits and the paranormal. She realizes she has psychokinetic abilities after being kidnapped by Serpo aliens, enabling her to perceive the “auras” of individuals as well as things, and visualizes her ability as massive hands to “hold” and manipulate these auras.

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What happened in the previous chapter 95 of Dandadan?

Dandadan Chapter 96

Ken is desperate to become more rooted. Also with Turbo Granny’s abilities, Ken is still weak. After being spun around by Mr. Shrimp, Ken decides to grow more grounded on his own. In any event, Turbo Granny recognizes that this is not the way to become more stable.

Along similar lines, out of sympathy, she sends him to an unpleasant school in order to teach him about the limitations of his talents. They did not, however, arrive alone.

Aira Shiratori accompanied them all the way to school. Considering Ken and Turbo Granny’s opposition to Aira going along, how could Aira let her crush, Ken, go?

Ken saw the difference between himself and Evil Eye Jin as Turbo Granny started teaching him what he’d been missing with piano notes.  Also Turbo Granny, Ken, and Aira aren’t the only ones there.

Super Granny was probably aware of this by now. That is why she sent Ken there to help him become more rooted by exposing him to true hell. That chamber was also stocked with irate ghosts enraged by Turbo Granny’s unforgiving piano tune.