Creed III Ending Explained: Why Rocky Doesn’t Attend Mary-Anne’s Funeral In Creed 3?

Creed III Ending Explained: Michael B. Jordan is the director and star of the 2023 American sports drama Creed III, which Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin…

Published: March 4th, 2023 5:27 am | Updated: March 4, 2023 5:27 am

Creed III Ending Explained: Michael B. Jordan is the director and star of the 2023 American sports drama Creed III, which Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin wrote.

The movie is a continuation of the events that transpired in Creed II (2018), making it the third film in the Creed franchise and the ninth installment in the Rocky film series.

The world premiere of Creed III took place in Mexico City on February 9, 2023. And the film was released in the United States by United Artists Releasing on March 3, 2023, whereas internationally, it was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Critics gave the movie largely favorable reviews.

In Creed III, Adonis Creed’s history and future are examined. When Dame suddenly reappeared in Adonis Creed’s life, he was taken aback.

Dame challenged Adonis to a battle after disclosing what he really wanted and the extent he would go to achieve it. Creed wasn’t going to allow Dame to win because he wanted to demonstrate that he was the best of the best.

The history between the childhood friends adds a lot of tension to the boxing match. After 12 rounds, Creed emerges victorious and is able to make amends with Dame; they no longer harbor any ill will toward one another.

Adonis, his daughter, and Bianca briefly fight in the ring at the end of Creed III before leaving together. Continue reading to know in detail about the ending of Creed III.

Creed III Ending Explained: Why Rocky Doesn’t Attend Mary-Anne’s Funeral In Creed 3?

Creed III

Despite appearing in the first two Creed movies, Rocky Balboa, as played by Sylvester Stallone, doesn’t appear at all in Creed III.

Interestingly, Rocky Balboa isn’t even addressed until Mary-Anne Creed, Creed’s mother passes away after suffering her second stroke. It was strange that Rocky wouldn’t attend her burial or call Creed, given how well they knew one another and how frequently he checked in on her.

It’s possible that Rocky was competing in a fight somewhere else and wasn’t able to get back to Los Angeles in time for the funeral. He might have made contact with Creed off-screen.

Instead of keeping the audience guessing about Rocky’s absence at Mary-Anne’s burial, an explanation might have been provided for his absence, which would have been preferable.

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Why Did Adonis Defeat Dame In Creed III’s Final Fight?

Creed III

There wasn’t much more Adonis Creed could do in the world of boxing after he won the title of champion. Adonis was forced to accept Dame’s challenge to defend his championship on live television after he challenged him to do so.

Creed had the option to decline, but he was never one to back down from a battle, and he had a lot to prove to himself as well as Damian.

To protect his championship title, uphold his honor, and show to himself that he is not a man who backs down from a fight as an adult, Creed needed to win the anime-inspired boxing match.

Fighting Dame demonstrated all of these points, and Creed’s victory demonstrated to Dame that he was the best player in the world and unbeatable.

Creed needed to show himself that the title he had won was something he had worked hard for and that Dame’s superior boxing skills had not caused it to be a fluke. After all, Creed had worked hard to obtain the life he had, and it would have been embarrassing if he had fallen short against Dame.

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How Does Creed III Set the Scene for Creed 4?

Creed 4

Michael B. Jordan has stated that Creed 4 will be produced, despite the fact that Creed III does not provide much evidence that Adonis would return for another installment.

In addition to the possibilities for a Viktor Drago spinoff, Creed III recommends a spinoff centered on the character of Jonathan Majors, who has only recently started his boxing career. Creed IV might feature Adonis Creed’s daughter, Amara Creed, as she starts her boxing career after Creed III saw Adonis retire.

Creed III proved Amara was a passionate boxing fan who had even attended each of her father’s matches. It’s possible that Creed 4 will take place several years after Creed III when Amara is a teenager preparing for her first fight with her father. This is because the Creed movies contain time jumps.

Adonis has the intention of helping others and devoting his time to training, so he reasons that he should begin with his own daughter.

From her father, Amara might learn how to fight effectively, and from her mother, Bianca, she could learn how to better communicate her emotions. This has a lot of potential and would be a fantastic way to continue the story of Adonis Creed.