Padma Lakshmi Clapped Back At Trollers Who Told Her To Wear Bra!

Padma Lakshmi was seen shutting out all the trolls who told her once to wear a bra. Celebrities and trolling or something that has always remained a continuous part of the industry.

It doesn’t matter what the celebrity does, there is some part of the group in the world who will not get satisfied with their activities and can do nothing but a troll.

Whether it is related to their choice of career or related to the fashion they choose, everything comes in the target. Something like this has recently happened with Padma Lakshmi but instead of taking things lightly, she hilariously claps back at the trolls.

The writer Padma Lakshmi who has turned 52 came on Instagram and clapped back at her haters. It was on 20 December 2022 when she clapped back at the haters who have trolled her for not wearing a bra.

She has uploaded a video where one can see her caption which was related to a link where Padma Lakshmi focused upon some user who has told her to put on a bra.

These kinds of videos have become a trend on Instagram and Padma Lakshmi has followed the trend. She edited her photo on a boat and wrote the caption very hilariously writing “no my kitchen is not cold, I am just built like this.”

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Here you can check out some recent posts of Padma Lakshmi.

Having 1.3 million followers, as soon as Padma Lakshmi uploaded the video, a lot of fans came in the comment section. A lot of people supported her by saying they are also going to take off the bra while others can’t help but laugh.

Some supported this by saying that they also never cook without a bra while others commented that she is perfect.

These all-trolling happened on 15 December when she uploaded a video of Cooking. She was looking stunning as ever in a red dress where a lot of people have asked about the absence of a bra.

One user has written: “Padma, I know it’s a tid bit nipply [sic] out, but I’ll be damned if you couldn’t cut diamonds in July with those things.”

This is not the first time that Padma Lakshmi had to face all this trolling. It was April 2021 when she shared the recipe and clapped back at the haters.

She captioned the video with: “I got some comments last time that it was immoral for me to not wear a bra in my own kitchen during the quarantine,” she replied by saying that she is wearing two bras today and asked people not to do police women’s bodies.