Single’s Inferno 2: Release Date, Official Trailer, Plot, and Other Details

Single’s Inferno 2 has already released the official trailer on 14th November 2022. The trendy series premiered in December 2021 and became the first Korean reality show to reach the streamer’s Top 10 TV Shows.

The first season included breakout stars such as Song Ji-a, who was once a YouTuber before facing fire for wearing fake expensive products on the show. Meanwhile, Kang So-Yeon made her solo K-pop debut following her breakout moment on the show.

Single’s Inferno 2 Official Trailer Breakdown


Single’s Inferno Season 2 was confirmed by Netflix in April. Its creators were excited to create a new season and were aware of the little changes needed.

The rules are basic. Male and female participants come to the island without knowing each other’s identities or professions. They engage in tasks and challenges during their nine-day stay on the deserted island. Winners get to pick who they want to take on a luxury date to Paradise, a high-end resort.

Other times during the show, contestants can secretly vote for the person they like and hope to be chosen. Netflix released the first official trailer for Single’s Inferno Season 2 on November 14.

The island has a little pirate vibe this time. However, fans may expect similar scenarios based on the trailer as the participants compete to find love. There will also be evening dates in the upcoming season.

There appears to be more controversy on the horizon as potential partners fight and participants are depressed. Netflix has created a new hot season where couples experience a spark in Paradise while exhibiting their charms.

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Release Date and Hosts

Single's Inferno 2

The Single’s Inferno Season 2 will be released on December 13, according to the official poster and teaser. Fans will get ten episodes, according to Netflix Tudum. However, it is still being determined how many days the participants would stay on the island, as viewers thought the first season’s nine-day run time was too short.

The hosts’ comments as they saw couples bond and break up were part of the enjoyment of Single’s Inferno. According to a Naver story, the hosts of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Season 2 will be the same. Hong Jin-kyung, Lee Da-hee, Kyuhyun, and Hanhae will all be back.

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After the first season, the dating reality show was in hot water.

Single's Inferno 2

Fans are eager to see if the new season will be filled with turmoil. There was some criticism about Netflix’s first Korean dating reality series. There were claims that male candidates idolized one of the ladies because of her “pureness” and light skin tone.

Throughout the series, one of the traits that the guys on the program would comment on was skin tone, meaning that light and pale complexion equated to being attractive. It sparked an internet debate among admirers unfamiliar with Korean beauty standards.

The upcoming season will likely continue the first season’s format, in which participants are “stranded” on an island and can escape enjoying a night at a beautiful hotel if they meet their match.