Kris Jenner Disagreed With Kanye West’s Remark Over George Floyd

Kris Jenner Disgreed And Felt Disgusting Over Kanye West’s Remark Over George Floyd! We have known many celebrities giving some remarks about others that are not acceptable to a particular celebrity.

However, these things cannot stop making headlines and creating controversies. Whether it is a family drama or just drama that is created intentionally or not, everything is getting highlighted in Hollywood.

Something like this has recently happened among many celebrities who are not happy with each other’s comments. Among them is Kris Jenner’s remark to Kanye West about George Floyd being disgusting.

The 45-year-old Kanye West recently disappointed his former mother-in-law with his drama going on social media. It has included the murder of George Floyd where Kris Jenner cleans that the comment of Kanye West is somewhat disgusting.

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Here is what Kris Jenner Says about Kanye West’s Remark about George Floyd.


Kris Jenner

According to Kris Jenner, she wishes that he can stop doing these things and think about how it will create some hard consequences because of his actions. But at the same time, she is very aware of the fact that it has become too late as all his dramas became controversial.

According to a source, Kanye West is now on his own as the family of George has filed a case against him for around $250 million. It came with the claim made by the rapper that George died in 2020 due to an overdose. Because of the same reason, he is not getting any kind of support from his former mother-in-law or the family.

Coming to Kris Jenner then she does not agree with the things which were spoken by Kanye West, even the things he is doing right now. The social media drama of the rapper has not the targeted George and his family but also many Jewish communities. He has also not left his former family and some of the highest-paid models in the world.

From Justin Bieber to his wife Haley Bieber, Drake, and Gigi Hadid, everyone became the target of Kanye West on social media. It all started with the drama when Kanye West came up with his clothing line by supporting White Lives Matter and got a lot of backlash. He got criticized and in return, he did nothing but targeted the celebrities who supported his criticism.