Saraya Bevis Straddles Motorcycle In Bikini

The former WWE star Saraya Bevis recently wowed her 6.1 million Instagram followers in smoking shorts and boots as she proved that the two-wheeler is 100% up her alley.

The 30-year-old pro wrestler Saraya Bevis shared a total of three pictures plus a separate video over the past weekend and showed off her killer figure, as well as ditching the usual ring for something more glamorous.

Saraya kicked off the Halloween spirit as she welcomed the Spooky Season along with many other stars. The brunette posed with her booty perched on the seat of a motorcycle, here wearing tiny high-waisted shorts with a hint of underwear, plus a plunging bra and a silky matching biker jacket.

A cropped jacket and bra highlighted her super-toned abs and a pair of bushy thigh-high boots also ensured her legs were on display.

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Here you can check out Saraya Bevis’ Halloween look.

Anyone who swiped then saw the Norwich UK star astride a bike as she once again showed off her all-black look. Fans even got a tattooed Paige in video mode at the end.

Saraya wrote in the caption, “When you finally have the best glam, stylist, and photographer and don’t have to edit your photos anymore. Here are some BTS.”

The two-time WWE Divas Champion has been busy on social media lately as her viewership continues to rise. We shared two videos dedicated to the black outfit and the motorcycle, both of which showcased the exciting feeling of the biker, plus Saraya was putting her feet on both sides of the bike right from the start.

Saraya moved away from WWE to AEW, which is also seen with Paige VanZant. Speaking of her transition back in July 2022, Saraya stated:

“F*cking WOW! Absolutely blown away by the pop inside the stadium and the reception outside,” she updated her fans on Twitter. She added: “It’s been a long journey. Couldn’t be happier to be in @AEW, thanks, everyone! and thanks to my baby @RonnieRadke for letting me use his song Zombified! LFG!!”

On his return to the ring, the Brit added: “I still have a mental block like, ‘Oh my God, if I get in the ring, what if?’ If I were to be in the ring, it would be a really big moment to wrestle.” She then confirmed that she was probably doing some odd promotional work.