Kourtney Kardashian Is All Set to Mosh Near Your City

Kourtney Kardashian is already doing an excellent job at playing the role of a supportive wife for her husband, Travis Barker.

This past week, Blink-182 made the announcement that they will be reforming their band and releasing new songs as well as embarking on a global tour. Barker has been a part of the band since 1998, despite the fact that he was not an original member.

And it’s possible that his wife is the one who is more thrilled about the news than anybody else. Kardashian posted to Instagram to express her excitement over the next months, during which she will get to “mosh” every night.

She opened the message with “Rockstar world tour wife,” which had multiple emojis of faces making hilarious expressions. “getting ready to moshing in a city near you “.

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Here you can check out some recent posts of Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian was dressed in a black Blink-182 hoodie with a baggy fit, which she wore over a wide skirt in the manner of a fishnet and paired with almost knee-high black combat boots.

In the first photo, she was posed with her back to the camera, holding her hoodie over her head, and giving the camera a sly wink with her tongue out.

The second slide in the carousel was a billboard that announced the reunion global tour. The third slide in the carousel was a sultry black and white photo in which the reality star pulled the edge of the sweatshirt to show off her black bikini bottoms through the netted skirt.

Following that, she displayed a screenshot of the band’s newest track, and then she exhibited three photographs taken in the staircase and upstairs hallway of her residence.

The first photo was an overhead view of the complete getup, then there was a close-up of the writing on the back of the sweatshirt, and finally, there was an amusing photograph of the sweatshirt being raised up over her derriere.

Avril Lavigne, a pop-punk vocalist, said that something was “hot.”

Another user commented, “I’m absolutely smitten with your clothing darling,” which encapsulates the sentiment perfectly.

Another visitor, however, was unable to concentrate due to the peculiar doll that is kept in a display case in Kardashian’s hallway. They said, “Ok, I love this and KRAVIS content – but WTF is that monument in the background?”

On the other hand, a few of the audience members seized the chance to comment on the high price of the concert tickets.

One person noted that “no one can afford to attend,” while another said that “there’s nothing rockstar about charging $250 for the lowest seats blink 182 sold out to the industry.”