Step Up: High Water- Returns For Season 3 After A Long Break

Step Up: High Water Season 3: 20 March 2019, the day season 2 of Step Up High Water was released and all of us absolutely binged it. Most of us were hooked day and night. After a 43-month-long “sabbatical”, the show finally returns. Better late than never right?

A Gist Of The Previous Seasons

Hey, we don’t blame you for being out of touch. It sure does feel like an eternity.

Season one follows the chaotic life of twins Janelle and Tai as they try to navigate through their new life in Atlanta.  Consequently, there’s much to learn as they live through family drama, try to find love, and win rivalries in this dance-centric world of the High Water Performing Arts School. They must dance dance dance in order to survive in their world of cut-throat competition.

The Trailer Of Step Up: High Water Season 3

True to the reputation of Highwater, everyone is a creator, and everyone can change the world. The trailer opens with the shock arrest of Sage Odom, who is certain he didn’t commit the murder he’s being accused of. As a consequence, all responsibility falls on Colette to uphold its image while simultaneously handling the stresses of a nationwide tour.

Step Up: High Water Season 3

With Sage’s arrest, a replacement is found in Rigo. Colette puts a lot of faith in him and hopes he doesn’t burn it all to the ground. After all, he has to fill the shoes of a megastar.

The Cast Of Step Up: High Water Season 3

Ne-Yo rocks his role as the eccentric Sage Odom and Terrence Green stars as Rigo.

With the sad demise of actress Naya Rivera, Christina Milian is cast to take her place as Colette Jones. The cast also includes Kendra Wilis, Keiynan Lonsdale, Carlito Oliviero, and others.

Creator, Holly Sorenson boasts her creative prowess with this show. She is joined by Step Up Alumni Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan as Executive Producers.