Mike Johnson and Meghan King Relationship Status

After their blind date, Meghan King revealed her relationship with Mike Johnson from The Bachelor. Shortly after spending the evening together at a Las Vegas strip club in September, King, 38, said she wasn’t ruling out a possible romance. I’m not sure if he’s seeking it.

After the night out caught viewers off guard, she spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about how he appeared on The Bachelor and how that is the whole concept of the program. I would presume he is, but I can’t speak for him.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star expressed her eagerness to get to know Johnson, 34, better. He’s unquestionably headed in the direction of love. So am I,” she said. “I admire it since it doesn’t look like he’s messing around.”

However, it seems that the dynamic has changed since then. The Missouri native contacted the former ABC personality after their vacation to Vegas to express her sentiments.

Here Is What Mike Johnson said about his relationship with Meghan King.

Mike Johnson
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“It was supposed to be a blind date, but it ended up being an actual date. Then I feel horrible when I go back to Saint Louis, so I FaceTime him,” she recounted in the episode of her podcast “Intimate Knowledge” that aired on Tuesday, October 4.

“Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I truly loved spending my weekend with you,” I said. I believe that we first met on a blind date, but we now have a genuine relationship, and I apologize if you ever felt inferior. I had to reach out to you to let you know what I felt. She said, “I didn’t anticipate that,” he said.

He was kissing the phone while in bed. “OK, I have some opinions on this,” he said. The Bravo personality said that the couple’s hectic schedules prevented them from connecting.

Before receiving a recent text from Johnson, she said, “He basically begged me to be his girlfriend the final night in Vegas.” “Today, I kept getting back-to-backs. I apologize since my mother phoned during our conversation, but I wanted to add that I just consider us to be friends.

I’ll be meeting my next in a moment. But I hope your day is going well. During the interview, King acknowledged that she and the author of Making the Love You Want to have no hate against one another, adding, “I felt awful like I was manipulating him. since I was.

He was OK, and everyone was OK. I must thus overcome it. The podcast presenter updated her love life after commenting on her ex-husband Jim Edmonds’ hurried nuptials to Kortnie O’Connor.

He is lavishing his wife with enormous, staggering sums of money. Like, whatever it takes, I’m on board. Keep her close by. After the couple’s wedding last month, King, who was married to Edmonds, 52, from 2014 to 2019, spoke with Us. Buy her a Ferrari, Chanel purses, and private planes, and take her on expensive vacations.

I don’t know what would happen if you lost this lady, so do all you can to retain her. He would crumble. The reality star lauded the “stability” the marriage would provide her children, whom she shares with the professional athlete, with daughter Aspen, 5, and twins Hart and Hayes, 4.

“My kids have known Kortnie for the last three years. And it’s crucial that stability be maintained. I feel a tremendous amount of mother guilt because I haven’t been able to provide them with that stability and a spouse,” she said. But even with all of his flaws, Jim can at least provide that.

I’m going to give him credit where credit is due. After parting ways with Edmonds, King, for her part, went on with Cuffe Owens. In October 2021, after three weeks of courting, the pair exchanged vows. Later that year, they decided to part ways.


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