Is Do Revenge 2 Renewed or Not?

Do Revenge Released on Netflix on 16th September 2022, and how fans are wondering if will there Do Revenge 2 or not? So you have come to the right place.

Do Revenge, which is released on September 16, is unquestionably the best Netflix teen movie of the season.

Considering how brief the movie is, it’s likely that you’ve already seen it. Now, you’re undoubtedly wondering if Netflix is planning to release a sequel. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right spot because we provided all the information regarding a probable Do Revenge 2 that is available.

In the teen film, Maya Hawke from Stranger Things and Camila Mendes from Riverdale play two high school girls who band together to wreak revenge on their tormentors after becoming social outcasts.

Austin Abrams, Alisha Boe, Jonathan Daviss, Talia Ryder, Paris Berelc, Maia Reficco, Rish Shah, Sophie Turner, Eliza Bennett, and Ava Capri all appear in the movie alongside Mendes and Hawke.

An outstanding creator The movie was produced by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and Celeste Ballard, who collaborated on the script. In addition to directing, Ballard and Robinson authored the screenplay. Additionally, Likely Story was the film’s producer.

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Will, there be Do Revenge 2?

Do Revenge 2
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The existence of a sequel has not been confirmed by Netflix. Do Revenge was just released on September 16, so this is not rare. Before making a choice, Netflix must determine how many individuals viewed the movie (from start to finish) during a specific period of time. In actuality, it’s crucial that viewers see the film within the first 28 days of its release.

At this point, Netflix adds up the viewership figures. Do Revenge has a stronger chance of receiving a sequel if a sizable audience sees it. However, other elements like production expenses and whether there’s more to the tale are also taken into account by Netflix when making decisions.

Given that the reported budget for the first movie was $10 million, which is far less than what it generally costs to produce a Netflix movie, we don’t believe production expenses will be an issue. A Do Revenge 2 would probably have a budget akin to the first film. What would the storyline for a sequel be, though?

In the instance of Do Revenge, the story was nicely resolved. As a result of their retaliation against Max, Drea and Eleanor find love (Drea with Russ and Eleanor with Gabbi). Therefore, a sequel wouldn’t actually be required.

It’s important to note, though, that if Netflix approves, the writers could always come up with fresh concepts for a sequel. However, if you’re curious about the likelihood of a Do Revenge 2, we’d say the chances are little to none. This movie, in our opinion, is a one-and-done type.

However, if Netflix decides to proceed with a sequel, we’ll let you know. But for the time being, only one movie is anticipated.



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